Workouts for a Flat Stomach

I am sure there are many people whom no matter how hard they try, they can’t get a flat stomach they desire. Typically, the objective for a flat stomach is to look attractive, it is all done for the sake of vanity. But there are many benefits of getting a flat stomach. When we have a flat stomach, we not only look good, but we feel better and our clothes look and fit well and most importantly, having a flat stomach has great health benefits too.


If you have tried a lot to get a flat stomach, but all are in vain. Here, I would like to request you to put concentration in this article follow the procedures of workouts those I am going to describe. Let us try over again.


Single Leg Stretch


I guess I have given you an idea about the workout in the tag line. At first, you need to lie face up on the floor with arms by side. Bend head and shoulders off the floor; raise extended arms and legs at a 45-degree angle for starting. Keep your upper body hauled up right through. Bring your right knee toward the chest reaching right hand outside of the right ankle and left hand inside the right knee. Change the sides and repeat at least 7 to 10 times. You would get the desired flat stomach by following the steps properly. Have a look at the picture below:



Spider Plank


Sit on the floor in forearm plank position like a spider. Keep the balance of the body on forearms and toes. Try keeping the hips level and bending the right knee out to the side toward right triceps. Change the position and repeat unless you feel tired. To get a flat stomach this workout is strongly recommended. Do as same as the picture below:

Balance Chop


This exercise is considered as an anti-aging exercise. You just need to stand straight with your feet holding a dumbbell with your both hand. Now rotate your chest to the left and raise the dumbbell upon your head. Repeat the action after switching. The Balance Chop improves the flexibility of the spine and helps keeping the core strong and stable. The workout is essential for the, who started their journey getting a flat stomach.

Seated Back Twist


Seated Back Twist is one of the most effective workouts for a flat stomach. This exercise is also helpful for people who have low back pain. First, bend your right knee stepping your right leg over your left leg. Keep your right hands on the floor pointing fingers outward for the support? Try bending your left elbow and turn to the right placing the back of your arm against your right knee. Breathe in as you sit tall. You need to repeat the exercise if you want to get a flat stomach.

Half Boat


This type of exercise is ideal to get flat stomach quickly. You need to sit on floor with knees twisted, feet flat and palms together in front of chest, like the prayer position. Try leaning back 45 degrees lengthening arms forward and lifting legs with knees that bend about 90 degrees to start. Now, slowly tilt your lower body until middle and lower back are on floor. Your head, shoulders, and legs should remain lifted. Return to start position to complete slowly.

A fat stomach is dangerous. It can be the causes of several fatal diseases. Consequently, not just for looking attractive, we need to get a flat stomach for staying fit. The benefits of a flat stomach are achieved when you feel for that. That’s it.


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