Why Visceral Fat is Dangerous?


Fat is such a thing, which is increased silently and harms our body slowly. When it exceeds limits then it feels uncomfortable and creates various health problems. First, it affects our look. People lose ability to move freely. Some dangerous diseases like dementia, cancer, depression, heart attack are also triggered by fat.


Visceral Fat


It is a kind of fat that is found under skin. This gel like fat is actually formed under major organs like liver, kidneys and pancreas. People with extended belly and large waistline are suspected of having visceral fat. Due to lack of proper understanding, most people are unaware of it. It not only bothers you but also affects internal function badly. So it is a risk for your health. In the latter part, I would discuss how it is poses threat to health.


Enhanced Inflammation


Visceral fat is associated with production of inflammatory molecules and hormone that are amassed to the liver, kidney, intestine etc. Metabolism is disrupted by increased visceral fat,


Risk of Diabetes


It has great contribution in insulin resistance. So there is risk of developing diabetes. People having large amount of fat in the abdomen area are in risk of developing various serious diseases including diabetes. A recent study has shown that fit and slim women are less likely to suffer from metabolic disorders than obese women. Men are more vulnerable to visceral fat but women are not free from risks. So, healthy fat free diet is a must to minimize risk of these serious health issues.


It Becomes Difficult to Lose Weight

If you concentrate only on weight loss rather than visceral fat, this fat may be an obstacle. Visceral has influence on your hunger mechanism and you are more likely to eat more than required, eventually that will result weight gain. In simple words stored fat affects metabolism and increases insulin resistance, more calories are converted to fat when your insulin level is high.  Also try to avoid refined carbohydrate as it has contribution in weight gain process.


Risk of Heart Disease


Visceral fat also increases risk of heart disease. Visceral fat produce inflammatory cytokines, which directly causes heart diseases. It is blamed for inflammatory diseases. Due to inflammation, our body becomes overwhelmed with various toxins and cholesterol. Visceral fat is involved in creating cardiovascular diseases high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, triglycerides.


Having Dementia


It is very difficult to state how dementia and visceral fat is linked but a link is found between fat and dementia, obesity, vascular disease, inflammation etc. From a study, it is known that overweight causes inactivity of brain and weak performance in last age. A research suggests that people with large bellies bear increased risk of having dementia. The bigger belly you have the more discomfort you will feel in your memory. Some patients not suffering from dementia but have high level of visceral fat and type 2 diabetes are found with abnormality in center brain.


Having Depression and Ill Temper


Visceral fat is related with hormonal changes like serotin, galantine. These hormonal changes cause depression. Boston University School of Medicine conducted a study and found that depression is somehow related with visceral adiposity.   


To avoid dangers of visceral fat you should follow some simple but consistent steps. Avoiding sugar content fruit juice, having vegetables rich meals, eating natural foods, leading an active life, ensuring proper sleep, staying positive and stress free are some primary condition for keeping visceral fat low. Most importantly, it is important to know what you are eating and how much you should eat. This idea can do a lot in controlling visceral fat.


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