Why Fat Builds!


Carbohydrate, protein and fat are three macronutrients that means they give bulk energy for metabolism. Fat has two main functions; it’s rich with calories, one gram contains 37Kj calories. Fat stores calories so that it can be used when you are hungry. Another function of fat is it can control metabolism by releasing hormones. So, why fat builds, because you are eating too much or your sedentary lifestyle is the culprit.


Actually things are not that simple. Because you will see other people who are candy lover and doing a full time desk job, and still not fat with attractive body. So what are the other factors? Let's discuss.

Metabolism is an important factor for building fat in our body. Metabolism is the process with which body break the food and create energy to run the body. Rate of metabolism differs from person to person. If you have a slow metabolism you will lose fewer calories, eating same amount of food.

Rate of metabolism changes after a certain age. So at young age you could eat everything and your body easily metabolize that, but if your metabolism starts to become slow then you may not burn all the calorie, so they will be stored as fat.

Another important factor is eating habit. Some people eat less each time, though they eat frequently. Some others eat a lot whenever they get a chance, though they don't eat more than three times a day. Eating a lot at a time is not a good habit. It leads to store some fat each time. While the other type of people who eat 5/6 times a day, but eat less each time are better, because body knows it will get food again, so it will not store fats.


Also if you take your dinner at 9 o'clock at night and just go for sleep, then it is certainly not good. Lot of the food you just consumed before go to bed will be turned into fat.

So if you are wondering why that candy lover, your next desk colleague is still not fat, you now know that s/he takes dinner at 7.00 and go to bed at 10.00. And still the metabolism is fast. Maybe s/he never eats too much food at a time. So s/he is doing the same desk job, like you do still s/he is slim and you are fat.

So what are the final words -- you have to change your eating habit and make your metabolism faster.


So to flatten stomach you have to avoid slow metabolism, eat healthy, timely and instead of eating a lot three times a day you should eat frequently. Now I want to include one more thing. Research has shown inadequate sleep may be cause obesity. Lack of sleep may slow down your metabolism and people who sleeps less has tendency to consume more calories. So sleep 7-8 hours a day.


Fat in stomach area is more harmful

Before your journey to lose fat I would like to mention little more about fat. Now you know why fat builds, but do you know there are two types of fat? These are visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Experts believe visceral fat is more harmful than subcutaneous fat. So question is what these are. Visceral fat is stored deep within the abdominal cavity and responsible for ‘apple-shape’ which is considered risky. On the other hand subcutaneous fat is responsible for ‘pear-shape’ which is considered healthy.


Research has shown that visceral fat increases harmful LDL cholesterol and decreases healthy HDL cholesterol. This fat is also responsible for insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, blood pressure and blood clotting. Scientists have found evidence that visceral fat removes some chemicals useful for our immune system.


So fat in your stomach area (visceral fat) is more alarming than other parts of your body and good news is  with proper exercise and diet losing this type of fat is easier than losing fats from other parts (subcutaneous fat) of your body.


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