Why carbs important


Have you ever thought why you are very active sometimes and sometimes, you are not? Sometimes you are very quick in doing your job and sometimes you remain slow. Your activity level is mostly controlled by carbohydrate you consume from your meal. It is considered as fuel to your body just like gas or petrol for car.


If you don’t take required amount of carbohydrate in your meal then your mental and physical activity will be hindered. Athletes and persons who want to increase their energy and stamina require carbohydrate as core nutrition.  Carbohydrates are stored in your muscles in the form of energy. At the same time it helps protein to be used in muscle building instead of being fuel.


On the other hand carb is stored in your body in the form of glycogen and most of the glycogen is stored in the liver. Some glycogen is also found in muscle and blood. Your workout intensity level mostly depends on glycogen which is found in muscle. If you have lower level of glycogen then you will less likely be able to perform at your highest ability. Liver glycogen is required for your brain. This kind of glycogen is converted into energy and it is released to bloodstream for maintaining a balanced blood sugar level.


Here I am giving some particular importance of eating carbohydrate


Boost your mood with carb

Carb helps to produce serotonin a chemical that makes you feel good. In a recent study it is found that those people feel depressed and anxious who eat a very low carbohydrate


Carb promotes weight loss

Researchers found that people specially woman who increase carb in their food habit tend to lose weight. Many carb contains dietary fiber which promotes strong digestion system.


Carb make your heart strong

Increasing soluble fiber in your daily meal can reduce bad cholesterol from your body. Brown rice, bulgur, quinoa contains less LDL cholesterol and much amount of HDL cholesterol.


It trims your waistline

Refined whole grains help to reduce belly fat. In a research it is proved that if you take 3 servings of whole grain per day you are likely to loss 2.4 percent body fat.


Sharp memory

High carbdiet boosts the performance of your memory. If you are having weak memory performance then you should eat carb reached intake so strengthen your memory.

Try to keep carb rich foods in your meal otherwise it may cause ketosis. Deficiency of carb causes breakdown of protein. If your body lacks carb then it means that you are not giving required amount of carb. So keep plenty amount of carb in your meal.



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