Why Avoiding Stress is Necessary


Our fast moving and busy lifestyle is creating pressure on us every day. Some of us can handle this pressure and some fail to control this pressure. However, who have ability to control stress also fail at least once in a life. So it becomes necessary to avoid and control stress to some extent. Stress is such a matter that affects body and mind both. You cannot separate stress from your personal and professional life. So managing stress become essential for living a healthy and happy life.


When you are trying to lose weight or flatten stomach, it is required to stay stress free for better result.


What Happen in Brain During Stress?


During mental pressure or stressful situation, our brain has to go through some changes like chemical and physical changes. This change affects all functions of body. In stressful situation some sensitive hormones becomes high. When norepinephrine, epinephrine, neurotransmitters dopamine goes up, some internal incidents take place in our body such as to much heartbeat, poor immune system, higher blood pressure etc. if this is not fixed at early stage then it might be difficult to handle in advance stage. If it remains untreated then it may trigger some serious problem such as heart attack, asthma, stroke etc.


Effects of Stress


Doctors suggest not having too much stress for long period. As too much stress for long time accumulates the symptoms of deadly diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, cancer etc. but some people do not pay attention to their increasing stress and become adaptive to stress. Being adaptive to stress may lead some serious problem in long run. Stress causes muscle tensing which leads to migraine and headache problem. It also influence our digestive system. It determines which nutrients will be absorbed in the body. Bowel movement through intestine also influenced by your stress level. Whether your foods will move quickly or slowly regulates how frequently you will have foods.


This all about physical effects of stress but it mainly affects our mental health. What mental problem we see is triggered by stress. Different type phobia, disorder, anxiety, depression are by product of stress. You cannot imagine how substantial its effect on our daily life. When a person become stressful, it become difficult for him to make decision. People loses their attention, focus ability even they loses their memory power, and become oblivious. Most the time they forget and fails to remember at right time. They become ill-tempered and irritating. It causes impatient and at one stage, they become frustrated. When all these happen, life of victims becomes deadly. Therefore, this is why you should avoid stress.


How to Minimize Stress


Managing stress is much talked contemporary issue. So each one should have a general idea about how to handle and reduce stress level. Because we all have become so busy in our professional life that we don’t have much time to for reparation. For reducing stress, you can do meditation, which will relieve your mind and soul. Mediation improves distraction, memory power and relax your mind. Sometimes you can do physical exercise, it also helpful in managing stress level. Make some changes in your diet plan, include green vegetables and drink plenty of water. Ensure you are including some essential nutrients such as vitamin B, magnesium, calcium from natural sources of foods.


Straying stress free is not possible all time because our lifestyle has become so complex recently. However, it is necessary to lower stress level as much as possible for overall health condition. Because stress is associated with both physical and mental health.       


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