Which type of Fat is Dangerous and Why?


Obesity is a major health concern of this age, people across the world. Among every three persons there is one obese people. Among children, this ratio is one to five. I the beginning fat dose nor causes any particular health problem externally but inside the body, it regulates many mechanism negatively. So it when you notice that some fay is being stored inside your body it definably causing some change which obviously not favorable at the end.


People with overweight carries extra fat in their body, which leads to cause various health problems. But all type of fat is not harmful for health. Between two types of fat visceral fat is more dangerous for health. This type of fat is located under skin, belly and muscles. This is also responsible for causing osteoporosis.


Why Visceral Fat is Dangerous


Visceral fat is related with various health issues like heart diseases, brain stroke, blood pressure, diabetes, raising cholesterol level, sleep apnea, and cancer. According to study it is known that person with big belly mostly dies from heart related diseases three times higher than those people who have normal belly.


Visceral fat is basically dangerous for abnormal hormone function. It harms and deteriorate normal balance of hormones. It triggers production of cytokines, which increases risk of cardiovascular diseases. Visceral fat lies in the abdominal area where portal vein is also located. This vein carries blood from intestine to liver. From visceral fat some elements is released to the vein and this elements reach to the liver. This substance affect lipid production of blood. This is related with cholesterol level and insulin resistance that leads to develop diabetes.


Some people with excess amount of visceral fat suffers from depression. They become oblivious with their life and it reduces their productivity. They cannot take any decision, which affects their normal life. They become ostracize and aloof from their family and friends. They are treated as laughing stock to their friends.


Some people loses sexual capability, which bring extreme problem for their family life. They cannot establish sexual relationships with their partner as a result the family life comes to an end. When sexual life is affected, it creates impacts to other fields of life. Some people loses baby production ability. So people hampers their natural lifestyle. Some experiences erection problem and some alleges to have early ejaculation. All these are interrelated with excess visceral fat.


Sleeping disorder is another problem that high visceral fat containing patient may face. They cannot sleep at night, which affects their metabolism process and causes obesity. Sleeping disorder is related with many other types of health issues. When people do not sleep as per their need the brain risks to have mental and physical pressure. This pressure sometimes leads to stroke caused death. So visceral fat is related with many serious health issues.


Visceral fat is toxicant element, which provokes inflammatory pathways. It influence body’s hormonal function. If this toxic substance is mixed with blood and other organs of the body then it will cause fatal disease for patient. Sometimes patient cannot lose their weight taking every effort. Dieting and exercise sometimes cannot help to reduce weight. Visceral fat regulates this weight loss process internally. So when you try to lose weight you have to identify what type of fat you are carrying. If you identify the types of fat then it will be easy to for reducing weight.


Visceral fat influence our body from many angle that is why it is very important for concentrating it immediately. If it is not taken seriously then it will turn into many deadly diseases.


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