Which are the Superfoods?


Is there any food that can be called superfood? If there what are the criteria to judge whether a food superfood or not? What does they do to our health? Actually, there is no such food that contain magical power to benefit your health. This concept is mainly developed by food manufacturer companies. But there is no any scientific evidence to claim any food as super food. Although this proclamation is not stopped yet.  


It is also true that the intention of those companies is not wrong. They try to establish some foods as super foods because these prevent chronic disease. They claim that these foods prevents aging process, increase physical ability etc.




Onions contain an anti-oxidant called quercetin, which is good at protecting and strengthening cells. It helps to lower blood pressure, raise good cholesterol and opens blood clots. You can enjoy onion dishes such as scramble eggs, whole with roast, British onion soups, pasta sauce, stews etc.




It helps to increase production of white cells so immune system boosts up. White cells are natural antibiotics, which fights against infections. It prevents production of germs such as fungi, yeast and bacteria. You can use garlic as antibiotic. If you are suffering from LDL cholesterol level or blood pressure then raw or crushed garlic can be healing for you. As many people uses garlic in their dishes so normally it is consumed very often. Moreover, you can make garlic mash, fried or roasted garlic to keep consuming garlic in your everyday life.




It is also an immunity booster, which fights against various infections. Its magnesium and vitamin C contents prevents virus. Interferon an antibody becomes promoted by vitamin C. this antibody blocks germs so that they cannot attack further. There is lot of dishes of broccoli that can be very entertaining like pasta dishes, salad, soups, and casseroles. 




If you want to satisfy your appetite quickly then small amount of quinoa is well enough to fix it. It is perfect protein rich foods with essential amino acids. Your muscles are mainly build with these amino acids. Not only amino acids it contains vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, zinc,




This spinach like vegetable is rich with vitamins and minerals vitamin c and a content keeps your skin fresh and prevents your ageing process. If you find your eyes red most of the time then eat kale regularly as its lutein content makes white part of eyes bright.




Salmon is beneficial for healing many diseases. Its omega-3 fats heal weak eyesight. Besides other contents like iodine, potassium, zinc, protein works to improve overall health condition. It also has vitamin D and selenium, which boost hair, skin bones condition. Salmon is such a foo that people eat making various dishes such as sandwich, soups, pasta dishes or salmon steaks etc.




Nuts are amazing food that is eaten as snack and as various dishes as well. It heals heart disease particularly coronary heart disease. Its fiber, vitamin, minerals, good oil and amino acids fill want of nutrients for your body. If you want to eat nuts snacks, then soak them in water with a pinch of salt for a night then fry in the oven for yummy snacks.




Sardine is a sea fish containing plenty of magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, and manganese, copper, zinc etc. it can be include in salad, buckwheat toast etc.


These foods are high in very essential nutrients in that sense these foods should be included in you every meal. But there is no any prove that ensures all these are superfood or these can be a magical solution for your health.    


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