What Spices help Losing Stomach Fat?


Various spices can play a crucial role to get flat stomach. I have already discussed why you need to be cautious about your calorie intake. Consuming calorie more than required, means gaining weight. When you are working hard to burn some extra fat you need some calorie deficit so that you can shred fat from your midriff area. Usually people include healthy items like plain chicken, brown rice, salad, fishes, etc. Are those delicious? Almost everyone will say no. This is why it’s very unlikely that you will stick to the diet plan you have chosen to flatten your stomach. The solution is making those dishes tasty by adding spices. It is a well established fact that excessive sugar and salt both are harmful. Luckily nature has given us spices like cinnamon, cumin which make dishes tasty by adding extra flavor. It is also scientifically proven that spices are beneficial for health and some spices also boost metabolism. I have already discussed why metabolism is the Key to flatten stomach.


Spices are used to make a mediocre dish to a tasty one. This practice is prevalent from ancient time. It helps to increase taste so that foods smell good and satisfy our palate. Since ancient time herbs and spices are being used as an option of treatment also. As this spices contains many herbal attributes, people has relied on this type of treatments. At the same time this treatments have no side effects.. If you are trying to lose belly fat then you can depend on these spices.




If you want to know top most fat burning spice then cinnamon will be the first one. Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar level. When blood sugar level is in control there is less chance of having type 2 diabetes. To improve your blood sugar and lipid level consume three grams of cinnamon powder. If you continue this treatment for 8 weeks you will surely notice the difference in your weight and body mass index. It is such a spice that can be used in many dishes like smoothie, coffee, tea etc.



It is another spice that is also used in tea, coffee even with sweet and spicy dishes. You can buy whole cardamom or grind powder of cardamom. There is belief among Ayurveda community that if you mix cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom in your coffee it will remove the harmful effects of coffee. It reduces the negative effects of caffeine.



It has many positive effects on fat and heart activity. It has weight loss capability if you eat cayenne more often. It aids digestive systems and drinking cayenne with cold water helps to burn fat.



It has many healthy properties that fix many health related problems. It has antibacterial properties. It is full with phytochemicals that help to break down fat content. It promotes metabolism process and creates heat in the body, which helps to reduce fat from abdominal area. You can add garlic in your dishes or can chew raw garlic. Tea or coffee can be made with garlic, which helps to burn fat in the body.



Many people do not like smell of raw onion so it is difficult for them to eat raw onion. If you want to add any extra momentum in your fat burning effort then include some onion pieces in you salad and other dishes. The phytochemicals that contains in onion fight against abdominal fat



It is a natural antibiotic that protects our internal and external body parts from infections. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property which prevent cancer and other disease. It also lowers fat content of liver.



It is a small seed but works very efficiently in fat burning. If you add only a teaspoon of cumin in your daily meal then you can possibly burn more than three times. You can make cumin seed drink by mixing some powder with water. This simple drink can do a lot in fat burning process


Whatever spices you like or eat these have no side effects and can burn fat naturally. So if you don’t like any particular spices then you can alter them very often.


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