What not to Eat if You Want to Lose Weight?


People who are concern with their weight are often become anxious what to eat and what not to eat. Whatever the advice they come across about food that helps to lose weight. Following these advice they often forget what foods they should avoid. Deciding what to consume and what not to consume is really concern for those who want to lose weight.


There is a wrong concept among people that if you lower calorie intake then it is sure you will lose weight. But they consider that effect of two foods of same calorie amount is not same. For example, 100 calories of juice and 100 calories of sweet will affect our health differently.


So it is necessary to eat such foods that is highly rich with vitamins and nutrients, minerals, fiber etc. if you consume low calorie but nutritionally dense foods then it can bring some momentum in weight loss.


Here are some foods that you should avoid to lose weight.


Soy Sauce


Soy sauce is loaded with sodium, which causes retaining more water in the body and increasing hypertension. Although it is low in calorie but you should consume it carefully. Some suggest having low sodium soy sauce. But even then you cannot avoid risk of obesity. So consume it carefully.




Along with many rich dishes, we all consume some extra calorie every day by drinking alcohol. A crystal glass of wine may look mediocre but it substantially affects weight loss process. When you drink wine, body burns fat from wine first. So as long as it remain in your body, fat is burned from other sources.


Sugar Containing Foods


Foods that contains sugar create risk of not becoming successful in losing weight. It increases insulin level and causes to store more fat. But some people consume sugar free foods expecting it will not cause any fat gain. But they don’t consider that this food contain alternative to sugar. These alternative elements are also responsible for developing fat in the body.


Frozen Foods


When you buy frozen foods from market, have you thought that it may affect your health? Most of the frozen foods are added with preservative and sodium to keep it fresh for long time. Sodium intake makes your body bloated.


Any type of Fried Foods


When you satisfy your hunger with fatty foods, risk if having cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity increases. So avoid all type of junk and fast foods having trans-fat and saturated fat. Fill the needs of fat with unsaturated fat.


Salad Dressing


Salad dressing makes you dish tasty and yummy. But the negative side of it is not well known to many of us. Salad is essential food for losing weight. But when you add some taste maker to it then problems begin. This tastemaker is loaded with fat, calories and sugar. A lot of mayonnaise with salad increase taste along with some unwanted calories. Some fruit salad is made with fructose syrup, which is responsible for storing fat.




It is high calorie fatty foods, which is used as alternative to butter. It is loaded with hydrogenated fats. It is more harmful than saturated fat. It contributes to weight gain.


Along with these foods avoid some other foods such white breads, packaged fruits juice, grapes, bacon, diet soda, potato chips, sugar cereals etc. but it is also need to consider to have minimum level of that foods, avoiding entirely will cause negative effects. So ensure that required amount of these particular foods are being provided to your body.


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