What is the Subcutaneous Fat?


Between two types of fat, subcutaneous fat is better than the other. It mainly affects your appearance. It release some hormone to blood. Subcutaneous fat cells releases a hormone called adiponectin. This hormone helps to control blood sugar level and fatty acid oxidation. This process causes burning fat. When subcutaneous fat releases more adiponectin body burns more fat. It increases metabolism level and remain warm for whole day.


The level of subcutaneous fat varies with genetical variation. Among some people, subcutaneous fat is more and in some people it less. More subcutaneous fat cells do not mean that the person is obese. The level of obesity depends on fat content in the cells. It locates under skin and it can be held through finger.


How to Lose Subcutaneous Fat


The basic thing to lose any fat from body is consuming less calorie than you consume. But most of the people mistakenly consume more calories than they need. The combination of foods you eat really matters to regulate fat content in the body. So you cannot blame the type of foods only. So it reduce subcutaneous fat you have to avoid some combination of foods such as starch and sugar together. Because they together increase blood sugar level.


So if you want to reduce fat level you have to change your food habit and food combination. To achieve this goal you can increase fiber content and lean protein to avoid unwanted fat. Nuts, egg, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits etc. Particularly fat rich food will keep you full for long time. Raw vegetables is good choice to complete your meal.


But there are some foods that should be consumed carefully to avoid risk. When you eat sweetened and fructose containing food there is a risk of developing foods. Do not consume processed foods contains more fat so before you consume carefully check what you are going to eat. Avoid having crackers, cookies, baked and fried foods.


Sometimes food habit is not well enough to reduce subcutaneous fat. You have to do physical exercise. Do not remain sitting in one place. Rather always, try to stay in moving position. You can try some aerobic and strength training exercise. If you seriously want to drop off subcutaneous fat then high intensity training is obvious. Cardio exercise is also very good option for lowering subcutaneous fat. When you build your muscle then the rate of metabolic rate increases and leads to burn more fat.


Stress level also contributes your fat level. When you become stressed your body produce hormone called cortisol. When your body releases high level of cortisol, it influence your body in developing subcutaneous fat. When this happens then it adversely affect your metabolism and fat burning process. Stress also releases glucocorticoids, which causes weight gain. Have enough sleep to lower stress level.


To lose fat you have to focus on some technique of eating habit. When you choose your meal, take smaller meal for many times. This habit will control insulin level. But some people have increased level of insulin. This insulin starts to store as fat. So when you eat comparatively smaller meal then your insulin level does not rise too much.


But subcutaneous fat plays some very favorable role in protecting diabetes. It is related with better blood lipids, in some cases it helps to improve cardiovascular condition and causes better artery performance.


So it will not be logical to think subcutaneous fat only harms our body rather it does some favor to our health also. That is why you should control subcutaneous fat but eliminating this fat will be harmful.


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