What is a Good Visceral Fat Level (safe level)?


Between two types of fat, visceral fat is unhealthier. It amasses in the abdomen and other major internal organ. It causes many fatal diseases. If you are obese or overweight,  it’s visceral fat, which is the culprit. Too much of visceral fat increases risk of cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s etc.


So it is important to keep visceral fat in check. It is not easy task to have clear idea about visceral for general people. But some techniques can help to figure out the amount of visceral fat. Your goal should be keeping visceral fat at minimum level.


Measuring Visceral Fat


There is a measurement scale called Tanita scale developed by Tanita, which indicates  recommended level of visceral fat. On this scale, visceral fat range is 1-60. In this scale, 1-12 is counted as healthy but 12 to 60 is considered excessive. So if you want to stay safe then you have to keep your visceral fat level within 12.


For keeping this visceral fat below dangerous level there are many ways to measure it. To measure visceral fat CT scan is a good option. But bioelectrical impedance machine is also used to determine. It is one of the best methods of measuring visceral fat. But it is too much expensive. If you want to measure visceral fat easy and cheapest way then measuring waist circumference is a good option.   It is simple to measure but not accurate. Take measure of your waist and hip. Now divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.


For man this ratio should be 0.9. But 1.0 for men and .85 for woman is considered excessive fat. But there is problem measuring in this method, because this fat may not be all visceral fat. There might be some subcutaneous fat. To determine your visceral fat more accurately measure your stomach in standing and lying position. In this position, subcutaneous fat will fall aside and visceral fat will stay in the same position. So it will help to figure out the exact amount of visceral fat. This is the best way to measure visceral fat. You do not need to do CT scan or bioelectrical impedance machine.


How to Remove Excessive Visceral Fat


Now you are conversant with your visceral fat level. If this fat is excessive then you must take action to reduce it. To minimize your fat level, cardiovascular exercise is very effective. Being active requires burning calories and burning calories means losing fat.


It is very difficult to target visceral fat specifically; because body burns fat without considering, whether it is visceral fat or something else. So you have to perform high intense cardiovascular disease to reduce fat level. Resistance training is also fruitful in order to keep visceral fat in check. Besides, you have to keep your eating habit in control.


Consume low calorie food to create calorie deficiency. Calorie deficiency means your body burns stored fuel which is fat. So there is a chance of losing fat. Normally carbohydrate and fat are the most high calorie content food so it is necessary to curb consumption of these types of foods. Rather you can consume protein and fiber rich foods to ensure healthy diet. But it will be foolish to depend on alluring diet plan. It is also not recommended to avoid carbohydrate and fat totally. You can include low calorie food in your everyday meal and never go for fasting plan. It will be harmful for your overall health.


So you can keep your visceral fat at a good level by following the above mentioned options. When you keep your visceral fat level low your will be able to improve your overall health condition along with your look.


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