What Herb is good for Weight Loss?


Eating habit is a core part of weight loss program. What you eat regulates the way regarding whether you will gain or lose weight. At the same time your activity level also play a significant level in losing weight. When both this program simultaneously or solely creates calorie deficit then weight starts to lose. That is why many people try to consume foods that provides less calorie and increase metabolism. But very few are so lucky to find right type of food suitable for their health. So they make wrong food choice.


Most of you may have followed many diet plan but still is far away from expected result. If you want to have some other experience then you can try herbs solution for losing weight. It adds new taste and flavor to foods, which brings a twist in your eating habit and quickens weight loss.


There are some herbs that can increase metabolism and burn fat naturally. Even they don’t create any side effects. All these features can be supportive for maintaining and losing desired amount of weight from your body. Here I am discussing some herbs and spices that are scientifically proved in losing weight.




This good looking and attractive spice is used to create color on the curry. It also contains inflammatory characteristics, which helps to burn fat. Turmeric is filed with curcumin an essential element for fat burning. It increases body heat that leads to metabolism boost. It prevents internal system from being affected external infection. So add few pinch turmeric powder in your everyday meal to lose some extra amount of fat.




The most important benefit of eating cinnamon is it helps to balance blood sugar and reduces appetite. Cinnamon is such a spice you can use it in any dishes and desert. You can spread some of it in oatmeal, cottage cheese, brew, yoghurt etc. when you feel you are eating too much and want to eat less then simply add some cinnamon powder in your dishes.




It looks like marble in different color such as white and black. It tastes too spicy that you may perspire after having cayenne rich dishes. It increases temperature inside your body and raise metabolism level. According to a research, you can burn almost 100 calories from your body adding some cayenne in your meal. You can enjoy its spicy taste with nuts, soups, scrambled egg etc.




A teaspoon full with cumin with your meal adds some extra momentum to weight loss mission. It increases three times more fat burning capacity in the body. As it is mainly used to add flavor in the dishes that is why it can added to almost any foods. Cumin brings a fresh flavor to dishes such as stews, dressings, soups, fries, rubs, flatbreads, and savory baked items.




It has blood sugar controlling properties, which keeps glucose level in check. It is thermogenic and causes more fat burn like other spices. You can eat raw ginger or add some to your curry. Sometimes you can drink ginger added tea even ginger with salad is also a digestion supportive item.




As it causes bad breath, so you can avoid eating raw garlic. But adding with curry is a good way to strengthen fat burning process. A study conducted on mice showed that they lost some weight within few weeks. Although the result is yet to be checked in human. As there is no any side effects of having it, so you can try it in your meal.


Black Pepper


It is another spicy herb that contains thermogenic properties. It is good at boosting metabolism and raising temperature. It helps to block fat cells in your body so there is less probability of gaining weight when you eat black pepper containing foods. As it is spicy, so it can bring some yummy taste in your dishes. Bring some different taste in your cheese, yoghurt, and oatmeal.


Cardamom, dandelions are also effective herbs that contributes in losing weight. As these herbs are natural and there is no risk of any potential harmful effect, so you try each of them in your meal.


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