What Does It Mean Calories from Fat?

It is very common notion among the people that consuming fat is very harmful for overall health, but they don’t consider the amount of calories. But according to Harvard school of public health, source of calories does not matter rather you should consider the amount of calories you consume which at the end affects your weight.


Whatever the percentage of fat that come from a meal is not important if the total calories per serving is very low. Suppose you are having a meal of 50 calories of which 50% calories come from fat and this comes from only 2 or 3 grams of fat. So it is very little amount of fat which effects is miniature to the overall health.


In many food labels, you can notice how many calories you get from particular source of food. In these section calories from fat is also found. The reason of giving so importance on this particular information is, people are more concern about the fat intake they consume from every food. It is true that fat rich foods increases the chance of gaining weight but it depends on what type of fat you take. If you take trans-fat then there is chance of being obese.


Recently a concept has been developed which is called good calorie or bad calorie. This concept states that the calories we consume from fat or carbohydrate controls the possibility regarding whether we would gain weight or lose.


Some fat such as trans-fat or saturated fat are responsible for raising cholesterol level. Raising cholesterol level triggers various heart disease and other obesity related complication. It’s the thing that makes people anxious regarding fat intake. Some foods like chips, sausage, and bacon are loaded with huge calories but contains little vitamins. When this type of foods are consumed body gets too much calories but benefits very little.    


Per gram of fat contains 9 calories and a study says that people consume 50% of their total calories from fat. But this proportion should be reduced to 30%. Although there is another opinion that claims to take 10% of total calories.


Calculating percentage of calories from fat


It is very easy to figure out how much percentage calories from fat you are consuming from particular food. To determine this, you need to know calorie from fat. Then divide calorie from fat by total calories and multiply with 100. For example, you are having a food that supplies 200 calories among which 50 calories come from fat. To get the percentage of fat divide 50 by 200 and multiply by 100. In this case, the percentage of fat is 25%.  


Sometimes it become difficult to calculate the percentage calories from fat. Because there is no information of calories from fat. You need to read food label carefully to know calories from fat. Most of the food labels contain how much calorie it provides in per serving.


In some labels there are some information like fat free that does not mean it has no fat. Still it has .5 g fat. “Low fat” means that it contains 3 grams of fat and “calorie free” means it has less than 5 calories. So the meaning of these terms are very much important to have proper knowledge about how much fat you are taking from any foods.


Calories from fat is a crucial information that helps to monitor weight management along with many other health issues. So it is advised to ensure that you know the information about calories from fat.


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