What are the Top 10 Superfoods?


Eating healthy and safe food is primary requirement of every human being. In terms of health, there are some foods that are very effective in maintaining healthy life. In that sense some people call them superfoods although these is no any scientific prove of these foods of having extra ordinary benefits. But due to their characteristics of any side effects these are called superfoods. The food you eat on a particular day regulates your health and behavior. For example if you eat fast food, then you may feel weak.


But if you eat fresh and healthy food, it will cause you to feel energetic. So depending on your health benefits some foods are really good to help in this purpose. Here are some superfoods-


1. Almonds


Almonds is just a little nut but it is bomb of nutrition. It is source of plenty of calcium. You will get almost 23 mg of calcium from every serving. Another rare nutrients vitamin E is also found in almond. Besides, it supplies plenty of protein, which is alternative of animal-based protein. 


2. Broccoli


Do you like fresh vegetables? If yes then broccoli is a perfect for your health requirements. Because it is low calorie with high nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium and fiber. Broccoli contains lutein, which protects eyes. It slows aging process, makes your bone stronger, protects cancer, reduces hypertension, inflammation etc.


3. Avocado


This is very tasty nutrient rich fruit. Although it contains some fat but it is not bad fat. Rather this fat is required for health. Many people less consume these monosaturated fats. So it is essential to have avocado very often to provide your health necessary nutrients.


4. Raw Milk


Although many people dislike raw milk because it smell bad. But raw milk is full of nutrients. It contains vitamin A, B, C, D, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, fatty acid and many minerals. It provides instant energy to body. But some people are sensitive to lactose but otherwise raw milk is amazing food.


5. Wheatgrass


It is recommended to have wheatgrass in your diet. Because it is full of iron, amino acids, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E,C, A etc. Another important element that contains in wheatgrass is chlorophyll.


6. Salmon


Salmon contains rare nutrients omega-3 fatty acids, which our body cannot produce. So body must collect it other external source. Salmon fish is a good source of many other nutrients so you can include this yummy fish in your meal.


7. Pumpkin


This vegetable is very good for heart, skin, bones and eyes. It contains essential micronutrients such as beta-carotene that refreshes skin & strengthen eye sites and prevents arthritis. Besides its potassium content, control blood pressure and improves bones condition. You can use it in various dishes such as soups, stews, side dishes etc.


8. Oats


If you have high cholesterol then you should consume oats, because it reduces cholesterol level. It keeps blood sugar level low. Oats can be consumed with many dishes. Most of the people loves to eat oats at breakfast.


9. Egg Whites


Egg is a multi-nutrient food but egg whites is safe for people of every age as it contains low calorie but high quality protein with no fat. Egg whites helps to maintain a good muscles, bones, nails and hair. It also keeps you feel full for long time. You can eat egg white in many dishes or as salad.


10. Beans


If you are a vegetarian then you can eat vegetable-based protein. Along with protein, it contains fiber. These elements together keeps your mood stabilize. If you have blood pressure then beans can help a lot in keeping heart and vessels healthy.


All these 10 foods are very healthy as they contain low calorie with lots of essential nutrients for which these are called superfood. So keep these foods in your everyday meal and ensure a super life!


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