What are the Fattening Fruits?


Many attributes are there that makes fruits the healthiest sources of foods. Not only has its taste that helped to count it as an alluring food source but also its nutrients and calorie density. It is a pure source of natural sugar, various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. People who are overweight mostly believe eating fruit helps substantially to lose weight.


It is true that fruit based dishes is low calorie food which helps to burn fat. It contain many nutrition that prevents your body to develop fat. This is not true for all fruits. Some fruits help to store fat and gain weight. But most of the people are unaware about it. They think all fruits keep their weight in check. Even the fruits that are effective in lowering body weight may results opposite if not taken in moderate level and process.


Factors that make Fruits Fattening


Some fruits are high calorie with high fat and sugar content but very low in fiber. These characteristics make them high energy density, which is the most risky factor for making you over weight. If you eat such a fruits that provide more calorie than you burn, it will definitely cause weight gain. Some fruits contains three times more calories than most of the non-starchy vegetables. So if you consume too much of such fruits then it will create problem with your weight. 




When you eat too much of particular fruit then there is a chance of getting enough fat in your body. This is why you need to understand the daily dietary requirements. If you are a 25 year old woman then your requirement of calorie will not be same as a woman of 35 years old. Some fruits are energy dense, which needs to be consumed little carefully.


Fruit Salad


Of course, fruits salad is very beneficial for health but most of the time it is seen that it is made with various additive and sugar content which increases the calorie content of this dish. On the other hand you consume too much of it without being conscious. Fruits salad contain too much fructose which makes vulnerable you fat ginning possibility.


Fruits Juice


Most of the people like to drink fruit juice, which is very delicious for them, but fruits juice contain less fiber and other multivitamin element. When you consume whole fruit your helps to slow your sugar absorption. At the same time, whole fruits help you to make your bowel movement regular. Some producer of fruit juice add extra fructose containing sugar, which influence blood sugar.


Dried Fruit


Dried fruit that is another source of fruit that contain almost no water. This is why dried fruits are mostly sugar containing fruit which makes you risky of fat in your tummy. Besides some preservatives and additives are included in the dried fruit which is extremely harmful for making your belly unhealthy.


Mango Daiquiris and Dessert Wines


Many people like to have dessert made with various fruits and wines, which has excessive amount of sugar that leads to gain fat in your body. Mango daiquiris contain toxic sugar and sugar syrup that is not good for your fit health. These foods contains raises sugar level in the blood, which causes to develop unwanted fat in the body.


So you have to be little tricky and strategic in choosing your tight fruit source if you want to avoid extra fat. At the same time, it is also important to have right fruits in moderate level so that you do not have any risk of developing unwanted health problem.


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