What are Superfruits?


Fruits are blessing from the almighty. Fruits are not only for this mundane life but also for the life hereafter. This is why fruits are the healthiest among many foods. Among many fruits, some are really very beneficial to keep a super health. This is why nutritionist named some fruits after duper fruits. These fruits are filled with balanced nutrients which is does not cause any kind of side effects.    


Super fruits does not mean that you will not have any health problem. It is a marketing term, which is used to convince customers. Although these fruits have many efficient properties to maintain a good health.


Superfruits how much Super


Super fruits does not have any super power to make healthy overnight. These fruits have some nutritional value, which makes them different from other fruits. It does not mean that all fruits are equally beneficial for every requirements. A particular fruit may be beneficial for heart but it may not be god enough for kidney. But another fruits might be very good for kidney. But no fruits will cause any adverse effect for health.


Super fruits are loaded with many antioxidants. It contains more antioxidants than any other fruits. But sometimes various company misuse this term associating with low quality fruits based products. But to be super fruits it must contain some components that is helpful for most of the people. To stay healthy and free of diseases your body must be strong enough to protect them. The first characteristics that a super fruit must possess is boosting immune system. Some dietary antioxidants are very good in improving immune health.        


Super fruits also work as adaptogens, which helps to prevent body’s trauma, fatigue, anxiety etc. Adaptogens regulates sexual ability, physical beauty, and energy. Super fruits contain polysaccharides, which helps to burn, detoxify blood and sugar, improves nerve system and reduce inflammation.


Acai Berry


Most of super fruits belong to berry categories. Acai berry is top of them. It is mainly found in amazon forest and it rapidly being popular in the world for its various properties like boosting immune system, healthy fat, necessary amino acids and dietary fiber.




Amla is an Indian native fruit, which helps to digest, clean bowel, release intestinal heat that is essential for relieving from constipation. It contain various antioxidants, which flash outs the toxicants, and promotes smooth functioning of major organs.


Baobab Fruit


It looks like egg and it has hard shell. It is found in Africa. It is consumed fresh or mixing with water or milk. It is a high content antioxidant food. It contains vitamin C, polyphenol calcium and pectin.


Camu Berries


It is not very known fruits but recently it has been very popular. It is plant based sources of vitamin C, beta carotene and anthocyanin. It has magical influence on skin. It refreshes skin and revive lost attractiveness of the skin. It helps to improve nerve system, boost brain performance and prevents dementia.


Durian Fruits


It is a tropical species fruits, which is mostly, grows in Southeast Asia. It is energizing fruit that reduce glucose level in the blood and helps to burn. It has plenty of amino acids and vitamin E. it is used in milk, vanilla, sweetener and coconut.       


Besides goji berries, golden berries, mangosteen, maqui berries, noni fruit, red jujube dates, schizandra berries etc. also very nutritious and beneficial for health.


There are some people who suspects the benefits of super fruits, before conceding them as super fruits you can analyze their benefits and side effects if there is. Don’t be over confident in any particular fruits seeing any online advertisement rather use your own judgment.  


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