What are Calories in Terms of Foods?

Calorie is no longer an unfamiliar word to anyone as most of the people have become very health conscious this days. Every moment they are being informed regarding various health issues thanks to easy access of different media. But people are not well conversant with the concept of calorie. So they often do wrong experiment with their health. As a result, they harm the most valuable wealth given by the almighty, which is health.


Meaning of calories

If I simply say, what calorie is then answer will be ‘a unit of energy’. However, in detail it refers the amount of energy you consume by and drinking at the same time you spend these energy through different physical activity. Suppose you consume a mango that contains 100 calories and after sometimes, you spend 100 calories running 30 minutes. The amount of energy consume and spend is determined by calorie.


Number of calories in different foods

The required number of calories you need depends on many factors such as your age, gender, activity level etc. A 6 feet football player will need more calories than a five feet typical housewife. You need calorie to keep your cell alive otherwise; your body organ would stop working. So you must take the required amount of calorie to maintain a sound health. There are problems if you consume less or more calories. In various food levels the number of calories are given. So that you can determine the required amount of calories, you should consume. Although the required amount of calorie consumption, vary country to country. But the food and agricultural organization announce that no one should consume less than 1800 calories.


Calories in different foods are

  • From per gram of carb foods you will get 4 calories.
  • Per gram of protein contains 4 calories.
  • Per gram of fat contains 9 calories.


Empty calories

There are some foods that contains no nutrition or very little nutrition. Even they contains no fiber, minerals, vitamins and necessary nutrients. Empty calories you mainly consume from solid fats and sugars. At normal temperature beef and butter contains solid fats. Most of the processed foods are added with sugar. Sugar and solid fats makes food delicious. But they are main reason of obesity.


Calorie density

It refers amount of calorie per gram of foods. It is necessary to know calorie density so you can consume exact amount of calorie you need. It will help to consume your target calorie. Suppose you need 1600 calories per day. If you know how many calorie you will get from per gram of particular foods it will be easy to determine the amount of food consumption each day. Foods that are low dense calorie contain water. Therefore, you can eat low dense calorie foods to lose weight and reduce obesity.


Calorie is basic concept of food habit so if you are in a process of losing weight then you must have a clear idea about calorie. Otherwise, you cannot follow weight loss program thoroughly. If you know how much calorie you are consuming then then you can carb your calorie consumption.       


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