Walking or Running?


If you are fit enough to run, and love to run, running is always better for weight lose purpose. So again, are you fit to run? Like to run? Are you looking for shredding some weight off? If answers are yes, you don't need to read many articles on the web on walking or running, walking vs. jogging. Just start running. I assure you running has certainly extra benefits than what walking can offer. Let me talk a little more in detail.


Running 5 miles or walking 5 miles will give you almost same calorie loss, but the difference is in time here. If you run 5 miles per hour, you need an hour to run 5 miles, and burn around 700 calories. If you walk at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour, you will reach 5 miles in 85 minutes and burn around 600 calories. So it’s a difference of 100 calories. But if you compare time, then you see you run only 60 minutes to burn 700 calories, and walked 85 minutes still burn 600 calories. After-burn is another issue in running. Compared to walking your body burns little more calories after running and those who run tends to eat less compared to their walking counterparts. Since while running you burn more calories per minutes, if you are kind of busy man, you may think you should choose running because at less time you can burn more calories. But truth is that after running, you will become more tired, you have take bath, take full rest, before you start doing your regular business. So it will not save time in the long run. On the other hand walking is easy, you can start anywhere, before and after walking you have to spend less time for preparation and rest.


Running or walking option in many cases depend on the individuals. If you have ever problem in knee, or any other type of injury, walking is always a better option. Running certainly have greater stress impact on knee. If you are fairly overweight, running is a difficult option. Those who never had the habit of jogging may not find it as an interesting enough option.


So if you are not fit enough, or had past injury problem, too much overweight, or kind of lazy, who never run, the only option is walking. Walking is easy, there is no learning curve and more importantly you can walk at anytime anywhere.


Walking on more inclined treadmill will be more effective. While walking has very little chance of injury walking on inclined treadmill is a safe option for obese individuals. Try to increase walking speed gradually, study suggests those who walks faster tends to live longer and why not start running when it’s more beneficial?


It will be more difficult to choose when you are fit enough guy, and don't like either running or walking. You can choose an option after looking at the table below.


Option Running Walking Comments
Calories burnt More calories burned at a specific time Less calories burn You have to walk for longer time to reduce the deficit.
Burning source Carbohydrate is burned Directly fat is burned, if you walk at a higher speed ( your heart beat needs to be at fat burning zone) Since you lose carbohydrate while running, after you are done, you will feel really hungry, and certainly will consume a good amount of calories.
Metabolism rate After you finished running metabolism rate remain higher for a long time. Doesn't have such effect on metabolism. Running means extra calories in that day.



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