Using Food Scale for Weight Loss Diet

How many of you know inner concept of every food level that is written on food packets? The number will be very banal. But the food manufacturer company tries their best to inform you various information related with your health. Bu it is we consumer who do not understand the inner meaning of this information. Portion size, serving size, nutrients, kilojoules, kilocalories, food scale etc. are crucial for understanding and planning weight loss program.   

Due to lack of proper knowledge of many people, they make mistake of taking wrong amount of meal. So they cannot lose as much weight as they desire. Food scale is such a concept, which helps to understand how much food you should consume.


Food Scale


Food scale is a mechanism to determine meal plan and specifies portion size in terms of ounces. For planning meal your foods needs to weight in ounces. It is proved that who take food-measuring portion are more successful in losing weight than who do not.

The most important thing of dieting knows the right portion size. Suppose you have eaten some foods thinking it 2 ounces but later you have weigh the same amount of food and find it is 5 ounces. So this kind of mistake can be made to anyone. For food, scale cups and spoon size are also necessary elements. When you weigh meat, it has to be 3 ounces per serving and cheese has to be 1.5 ounces per serving. For measuring rice or pasta you cup is suitable. It is more effective to measure portion size if a meal is prepared following recipes in which portion size is fixed and weighted.


How to Calculate


To calculate keeping cups spoon or scale is not suitable particularly when you are going outside. So it is better to have a clear idea about food size so that you can easily determine by just seeing the size of foods. When you frequently use food scale, it becomes easier to imagine the right size of serving.


Features of Food Scale


Food scale is a device that can be a simple cup or metal scale. These days digital scale is also available which shows size along with nutritional information. Digital scale is convenient as it shows exact amount of foods so there is no chance of making any mistakes. Some digital scale is equipped with advance features like calorie measurement.      


A bowl or container is used for storing foods when weighing foods. But you have to know the weight of your bowl to calculate right portion size. For example, you have to deduct the weight of the bowl from the total weight of foods. When you turn on the scale, you have to wait until it shows 0 on its displays.


When to Weight


There is different opinion of weighing foods. Some foods require weighing before cooking and some require after cooking. Many dietician opines to weight meat after cooking but vegetables, fruits and any items that expands after cooking should be measured before cooking. If you want to take read of both state then you can weigh before and after cooking.


Food scale is primarily used for those people who are starting diet or want to lose weight very strictly. But when you are accustomed with food size then it becomes just matter speculation. You will be able to determine serving size by your eyes. It is also advised to consult with an expert when you are following a strict diet. Too much weighing food may lead to nutritional deficiency. It is not bad to weigh your food but you have to consume a balanced diet.


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