Understand Food Labels


Understanding food level requires little technical knowledge and some trick. It helps to discover positive and negative side of particular food. Marketers often uses many strategies to confuse customers so that they can pull many customer. Most of the time consumers are cheated as they have little awareness about particular product. So he must have proper knowledge to bring out hidden information from the food levels.


A few tips can make you enable to understand products benefits. You can easily find the particular nutrients needed for your health. At the same time, you can avoid a product that may harm your health. Food labels make you aware regarding the using procedure, how to store, caution for allergies etc.


Nutrition information

You must have seen a list of nutrients in the food packets. It helps to make you know about how much fat, salt, sugar and fiber is provided. Not only this, you can also decide how much portion of that particular food you can take consume to get a certain amount of calories. Using nutrition information, it is easy to choose less sugar, fat and salt added foods.


Health star rating  

This rating system is used to provide suitable information so that you can quickly decide which product you should buy. Normally health star rating is seen in the product from Australia and New Zealand. The main convenience of this rating system is you can get idea about a product at a glance. The more rated a product is the more healthy it is. So you can compare between same products.


List of ingredients

There is a list of ingredients stating which elements are used in making this product. So you can easily decide whether there is any element that can create problem for you. When you are trying to lose weight, you can be benefited from this list as it also provides the amount calories served by each ingredients.


Nutritional intensity claim

Some food levels highlights some words like “low fat,” “high fiber,” “low salt” etc. These claims implies that the food contains a certain level of those nutrients. For example when a food products claim low fat then it claims that it contains a minimum amount of fat to satisfy nutritional needs. 


Functional claims

It is also found that manufacturer often describes various function of many elements. For example there is a statement often seen is “high in calcium.” Therefore, if you are suffering from any bone related problem then you can spontaneously take to treat it.


Percentage of nutrients

Percentage of nutrients increases the reliability of information. You can calculate how much nutrient you are getting from a serving. So it will be easier to be assure about how much you are consuming and how much you have to burn calories. If you increase or decrease portion size then the percentage of that nutrients will be proportionately increase or decrease. These numbers helps to keep track of every calorie you take inside.


I hope you are now well conversant about all the tricks used on the food labels. So there is no chance of being deceived. All these information will help you to pick up the right product from the shop.


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