Top Sports to Lose Weight


Do you miss your childhood? What a silly question I am asking! Of course you do. Even I think if I could go back to those golden days. The most memorable part is playing in the ground with friends. Isn’t it? But it has been many years you played any sports. As you have been busy with your professional life, so there is little chance to head to the playground. On the other side, you have become overweight due to your sedentary lifestyle. So what if you combine your weight lose goal and desire to get back your childhood days. Here I am providing some sports idea that can help you to lose weight.




If you want to sweat and lose some quick weight then squash is the best option. It is an indoor game normally played in closed room facing wall. For this sport, you will require a racket and a ball. You can play yourself or you can accompany a friend of yours. And the process of playing is nothing but striking the ball with the racket. The movement of ball will keep you moving in the room and you can burn 820 calories per hour. So playing squash for an hour three times in week is well enough to lose weight.




Can you remember when you along with your friends jump in a rhythm? Yes, it was fun and healthy sports as well. Don’t think that you cannot jump with a rope. Of course, you can but to do this you have to get back a childhood mind. It is such a sport that engage every muscles so you can maintain a fit and toned body. It can burns around 715 calories per hour.




It is a combination of force and running ability. So if you love speed and want to run like bull then you can enjoy playing rugby. But before playing it you have to warm up first. You can stretch your arms, legs and do some sidesteps. But it is a team game so you will need some other player to make a team. However, you can burn almost 690 calories per hour.




It is a sport that suits people of all age. From teenage to adult, everyone can do this activity. It is not harmful at any form. Twice or thrice in a week is recommended to swim for everyone. It helps to boos t blood circulation improves mental health. At the same time, you can burn your fat from all the body parts. Per hour, it burns 480 calorie.




Another sport that keeps your body moving is basketball. It requires lots of energy so you can burn calories a lot every step and jump with ball. It not only engages your lower body but also your upper body. An hour of basketball playing burns around 400 calories.


These are not all the sports that loses weight. If you don’t prefer these sports then a number of another sport are there that you may find interesting like boxing, cycling, rowing, aerobics, tennis, skiing, surfing, aquaerobics, parkour, sprinting, gymnastic, surfing etc. but it will require some basic expertise before playing these games. At the same time, you will need some equipments and safety tools to participate in the game. Please consult with any experts of these games before trying it.


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