Role of Micronutrient to Flatten Stomach


Flatten stomach is a dream for many as it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. People follow many alluring diet plan but most of the time they fail to have a fit tummy. Some people skip meal thinking that it will help them to have a flatten stomach. But this is one of the biggest mistake they make. Skipping meal causes lack of necessary nutrients in the body. So this lack of nutrients is also responsible for making obese. There are certain role of micronutrients in flattening stomach.


Some micronutrients are essential for maintaining a good healthy body. People often think that rich and high calorie foods is major source for nutrition. This misconception leads them to avoid required nutrition. They forget that a small tomato provides many nutrients. The vegetables taste mediocre but they contain a lot of muti vitamins and minerals.


So here we will see role of micronutrients which can contribute to flatten stomach.


Vitamin C


It is known as ascorbic acid and works as a water soluble vitamin. Vitamin C boost immune system. The more vitamin C in blood samples the lower the waist hip ratio. It burns fat from abdomen area, which is precondition for flattening stomach. Include plenty of green peppers, citrus fruits, orange, grape fruits etc. in your meal.


Vitamin D


Our body gets vitamin D when we expose ourselves in sun. From a recent research, it has been known that vitamin D has fat banishing effect. This research also showed that teenager who consumed more vitamin D had low amount of fat in their abdomen. At the same time, kids who lacks vitamin D had more fat in their waist.


Vitamin B


This water soluble vitamin is good for increasing metabolism. It helps to convert fats and carb into energy. People with deficient of vitamin B performs poor physical job particularly athletes. Lack of vitamin inhibits building repairing muscles. To eat plenty of vitamin include salmon, poultry, eggs, avocado, oats, notes and calcium.




This nutrient is mostly found in bones and teeth. A study shows that person who consumed a minimum amount of calcium per day tend to have less body fat for next 4 years. To have this success you need to take low fat milk, hard cheese, orange juice, sardines, yoghurt, leafy greens etc.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids


This nutrient is not made in our body so we need to provide it through foods. According to the American journal of nutrition, it is recommended to have 1.50 to 2 grams of fish oil reduce few pounds within a few months. Omega-3 fatty acids hinders to convert the fat cells into fat. On the other side, it helps to feels full for longer. It also keep stress hormone in control which weight gain.




Potassium is a powerful electrolyte, which plays a great role in disappearing fat. Sodium is an element that cause water retention in the body and leads to weight gain. But potassium makes kidneys excrete more sodium from body as result body cannot retain water. Potassium creates a balance water in body so you cannot have excess liquid. Avocados, spinach, bananas, papayas and sweet potatoes rich with potassium.




It is an interesting food element that our stomach cannot digest. It is very low calorie nutrients that which helps to feel full for longer period. It resist ourselves from eating too much. According to study conducted by university of southern California it is known that people who consume 6 grams more fiber have reduces belly fat by 4 percent. So add apples, carrots, raspberries, broccoli etc. in your meal.


Micronutrients not only fills essential nutritional requirements but also help the body to develop fat. Ensure that you are having plenty of nutrients with main essential food requirements.  


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