Ultimate Plan to flatten stomach


Once you read all my pages you should be here. I hope you already know the importance of metabolism, you know what are fast carb, and slow carb, you can tell ins and out of calorie, you are knowledgeable of low calorie food, healthy food habit.


Now let's think about how to proceed. In different pages I advised what to eat, and not to eat, what exercise you need to do, how to increase metabolism, and how to change your eating habit. But you need to have a complete plan. We have to fight against those fat stored in your body in a planned way. Have you thought anything so far? If you do, that is good, we will see whether your plan and my plan match. But if you have not thought yet anything, let's start from here.


First thing is that, we should not think we will starve for years, and do different exercises day after days. It is not practical really, one day you will stop exercising, and start eating that good and cheesy food again, at larger quantity. Most of us follow something for few days (some follow for few months, I know), but then tried of everything. Actually if you expect that you can flatten you stomach in two or three months, and then you will never have a tummy, then you will be frustrated.


We should follow a slow way to reach our goal. So you don't have to do much exercise, don't have to change your eating habit much and of course you don't have to starve.


How to fix your goal, and what to fix!


Let's go step by step-

First your current weight and desired weight. Suppose they are 205 and 145. So you have to reduce 60 pounds from your body.

Second check how much calorie you are burning a day currently. Check my calorie page. Suppose you are currently burning 2300 calories. Now you will set a calorie intake limit for you. This is the most important part of the whole planning. You may decide that you will eat very considerably and never eat more than 1600 calories a day. And you will do some sort of mild exercise or play for thirty minutes each evening, or walk few mile a day. So you will burn total 2600 calories. Now you are spending extra 1000 calories (2600 -1600) a day. If you proceed at this rate you need many days to reach your goal of 145 pounds. Let's calculate, 60X3500 (=210,000) is the total extra calories you need to burn, and you are burning a day extra 1000 calories, so you need 210 days. Don't be disappointed. This is very much practical and very much possible.


Now you can eat less, or exercise more to attain your goal early, or don't do much exercise and eat a little more to reach your goal late.

So it should be your plan, and you will execute it.



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