Nighttime Eating


When you should eat? Many of you will answer as “anytime when you feel hungry”. But many people don’t know right time for eating. The best time is morning. Do you know what the worst time to eat is? The worst time is night and second worst time is evening. There is some solid logic to differentiate the right time and the worst time for eating. It based on our body demand and mechanism. Our body goes according a rhythm. That is why a certain time it requires more calories and sometimes it requires no calories.


At night, our body go to resting mode, so it requires no calorie during this time. It is said that what good thing happens, it happens at night and what bad thing happens it happens at night. Some people become crazier eating at night. Even they eat more at night than they eat at daytime. However, the interesting matter is they do not know the exact reason behind this. Medically it is seen as disorder. Here we will see why people experience such strange thing.


Nighttime Syndrome


People who affected with nighttime eating syndrome are overweight and obese. When a person is attacked with this syndrome, they become unaware of about the feeling that they are eating too much. They think that it is their out of control. They feel ashamed and slowly they become aloof from society. They start eating hiding themselves from their family member. As they eat hiding from others they tend to eat very quickly, as a result overeating becomes frequent for them.


Sometimes they eat when they are not even hungry. People who have night eating syndrome share some common characteristics such as obesity, anxiety, failure in maintaining long-term diet, lack of confidence.


Many factors contribute nighttime eating syndrome. Young people more often miss daytime meal due to their busy lifestyle. Another reason is the most of youngsters are nightmare. Therefore, they remain awake at night, which causes eating too much.


Some people restrict eating at daytime and only eat at nighttime. They do not have any control over their eating habit and at the same time, they feel guilty for their behavior. Some of them have sleeping disorder also that is why they have to take prescribed sleeping peel.


Dealing with Nighttime Eating


As most of the victim are not aware about this syndrome so the first step for treating this syndrome is, making them aware. A trust has to be given them that they are not responsible or are not intentionally doing this. The victim has to be aware of it to go for treating option.


The victim needs consultation on nutrition evaluation along with cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy. They have to understand that it is not physical but metal disorder. Responsibility also goes to the members of victim’s family. They have to support him or her. Talk with him and take him to a professional counsellor.


A victim can do a lot of thing to turn his attention to other things. For example, he can drink a decaffeinated tea or iced tea. You can do workout or read an interesting book. But ensure that you are not eating watching TV. Because eating and watching TV causes mindless overeating. Keep many fiber rich foods in your dinner as fiber rich food causes you to feel fuller. Another important thing is do not skip your breakfast and lunch. Because this is the root, cause of to be motivating for nighttime eating.


Counselling is the best option to treat nighttime eating. So if anyone around you is suffering from this disorder then do not let him be alone rather help him and support to get rid of this disorder.


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