Mixing Fast and Slow Carbs with Protein to Burn Fat


In recent times, people are too conscious with their health. Since, most of us are now engaged in doing different type desk job where have very rare chance to spend calories comparing to your daily consumption. As, you know, if you cannot be able to spend calorie than your daily consumption, it can lead you to accumulated much fat indie your body. Though, fat is essential for us, but excessive amount of fat is always dangerous.


So to bring control over fat, you need to bring healthier foods in your everyday diet.it is a must know issue to all that, foods have maximum effect on our health.so an ideal diet can change everything. On the other hand, if you are not able to do this, your attempt to burn fat most probably collapsed.


Any ways, by mixing fast and slow with protein, you may be able to bring a revolutionary change to your diet. Therefore, it can be a tricky decision to keep your diet in proper observation. It is also can help you to keep your diet in check to see whether it is coming with extra calorie or not. Diet, which is made by the combination of fast carbs, slow carbs and protein, is good to keep body blood sugar stable as well as to make feel less appetite. So to get a well-shaped body you can try this formula in your diet. That means, try fast and slow carbs to combine with protein in your diet to make it awesome for fat burning attempt.


Mixing Fast and Slow Carbs with Protein


Why you need to mix fast and slow carbs with protein is very important to know in details. The difference between fast and slow carb is how they get digested or absorbed in only. You may know that fast carbs are kinds of foods that usually contain a high glycemic index (GI) whereas; the slow carbs foods are vice-vase. Fast carbs foods usually takes less time to break the foods down. These types of carbs are also useful to produce energy very rapidly. Therefore, fast carb has the quality to trigger rapid rise in your blood sugar level as well what generally pursued by blood sugar crashes that usually leave one hungry. On the other side, slow carb is effective in triggering blood sugar increase more gradually, what is usually able to keep one’s level relatively invariable between the meals. This is very crucial to lose some weight. Due to feeling fuller and satisfied, you are rarely interested to eat further again and again so frequent.in that case, it may be easier for you to stick to this diet which will be very effective to lose fat.


However, by combining fast carbs with slow carbs and protein make a joint force to burn a significant number of fat. Since, protein is very effective in that case to burn fat, so I  think it may help you  lot to burn fat If you can  combine fast and slow fat with protein. Since there are different types of hormones available in our body, so their role is also difference. Some hormone are responsible for making you hungry and some are not. That means, some hormones usually work to reduce that appetite. Thus, both category of hormones are controlled by protein which make sure that you are not eating too much.


What are the Safe Source of Carbs?


Though slow carbs and protein are very healthy to burn fat, but not every fast carb is good to burn fat. Just healthy sources of fast carbs usually work to help in burning fat. That means, when this types of fast carb is mixed with slow carb and protein then the result is come positive.


Here are some healthy sources of fast carbs these are likely--raisins or bananas, watermelon etc.


As including fast carbs in diet along with slow carbs and protein is very effective for losing weight or burning fat. So try to make some changes to your regular diet to get the desired dream come true.


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