Military Diet Plan


By seeing headline, do not be mess thinking that this diet plan is developed by any army for their soldiers. It is simply a low calorie diet plan for losing weight within few days effectively. It has become very popular recently due to its efficient and easy diet plan. But don’t be excited with a headline “lose 10 pounds within a weak”. It is fake claim, it is true that you can lose significant amount of weight if you follow this diet keeping balance of protein, carbohydrate and good fats.        

Following this diet is not so easy, so it is being advised to check that whether it is suitable for or not.


What is Military Diet?                                                                                              

Military diet plan is a diet that is almost restrictive. It has two phases, in the first phase the diet remain very restrictive and the next phase is less restrictive. In the restrictive phase calorie, consumption ranges 1000-1400 calories. In the later phase, the dieter can consume healthy foods. This phase can be repeated until the goal is achieved.


How It Works


Military diet follows the basic rule of weight loss. Following low calorie diet plan, it creates calorie deficit. To compensate this calorie our body starts using fat. So body loses weight. In military diet you have to remain fast sometimes which is very beneficial for maintaining weight in balance for long period. Insulin sensitivity goes high and food nutrition reaches to muscles and liver instead fat cell during fasting. 

You may raise a question over that this diet plan allows you to eat food three times a day, so how can it be a fast. Yes you are eating three times but the amount of calories you are taking is too low which is almost fasting. At the same time, it increases your metabolic rate that is following this diet you can burn more calories. Military diet plan is designed with protein, fiber and calcium. This combination of foods strengthens fat burning or metabolism.


Reasons of Popularity


Unlike other diet plan, it consists of two phases. Every phase is also very short which enables the dieters to stick and follow for long time. That is why most of the people are becoming motivated. Following a strict diet in the first phase, you can eat some less restrictive diet foods. The diet is very low but it is a combination of healthy fat, carbohydrate, protein etc. at the same time you can easily prepare these dishes within a very short time.


For whom it is suitable


This is suitable for those who want to lose weight quickly. There are some busy people who don’t get enough time for working out or spend too much time in making time-consuming meal. This diet is also suitable for those who spend very busy time in office and don’t get time for food making.


Is It Safe?                   


As it is low calorie diet, many people may think whether it is safe for their health. First, you have to keep balance of nutrients in your meal to avoid nutrition deficiency. You have to take break between repetitions of this diet. You can follow this diet for a week and can take break of 3-4 days. But do not avoid the latter phase of this diet which is less restrictive. At the same time, you cannot take a long break between repetitions. Otherwise this diet plan will lose effectiveness..


Some Tips for Military Diet


It is advised to begin your day with drinking water. But don’t drink any alcohol and any dish made with alcohol. Slowly improve you fasting habit to quicken weight loss process. Stay active and keep you moving. Remain connected with people who are following military diet plan.

It may seem restrictive and strict for some people but if any one follows this diet and overall strategy then surely s/he will get expected result within a few months.


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