Metabolism is the Key


Metabolism is the most important part of your fat losing program. Many people ignore this part. Many of us think that if we eat less then we will lose weight. This is of course true, but only to some extent. When you don't eat anything for more than few hours, body starts to metabolize very slowly, so it will not burn much energy for that period and if you can't burn energy, you can't expect to lose weight. Let's discuse few important things about metabolism.


When your goal is to flatten stomach by losing belly fat and to lose some extra weight from your body you need a clear understanding of the term metabolism. Not only diet and exercise but also metabolism plays an important role in your weight loss process. So what is metabolism?


What is metabolism?

When you eat something that helps you to build your body and food also gives us required energy to work. So foods are converted to building blocks of our body and foods also fuel us. Did you ever think that how it works? Thousands of chemical reactions take place in our body which does the complex work of building our body and generating energy for our body. These chemical reactions are collectively called metabolism. Not only digesting, breathing, cell repairing all are part of metabolism. So metabolism stats at womb and continues till death.


Examples of metabolism

If you are not interested in metabolism and only want to know about influencing metabolism to lose fat, you can skip this section. Plants collect energy from sunlight and store them in the form of carbohydrate. We eat plant and that carbohydrate is converted into energy. We also eat animals and many of these animals eat plants. Eating animals means consuming proteins; enzymes in our digestive system break protein into amino acids. We also consume fat and carbohydrate; these are converted to fatty acids and simple sugar respectively. It’s a complex chemical process which is called metabolism.


Two types of metabolism

There are two types of metabolism, one is anabolism or constructive metabolism and the other is catabolism or destructive metabolism. Anabolism or constructive metabolism helps growth by making complex molecules like protein, fat and carbohydrate. Catabolism or destructive metabolism helps to generate energy by breaking large molecules like fat and carbohydrate.


Importance of metabolism in burning fat and losing weight

As I mentioned above metabolism is a collection of thousands of chemical reactions which takes place in your body, these reactions need energy. The minimum amount of energy required for the process is called basal metabolic rate or BMR. Higher metabolic rate means your body is burning more calories. May be you are eating wisely, you are doing exercising regularly but your slow metabolism may be obstructing your weight loss process, because BMR is responsible for 40 to 70 percent of your daily energy requirement.


Some points about metabolism

  • Muscle needs more energy than fat to maintain, this is why higher muscle means higher metabolism.
  • Usually metabolism in men is faster than women.
  • We lose muscle with age; this is why our metabolism decreases with age.
  • Metabolism may be affected by genes.


Metabolic disorder and your weight

So you know along with diet and exercise metabolism has an important role in fat burning, weight loss and of course in weight gaining. Examples of metabolic disorders include Type-1 & type-2 diabetes, galactosemia, phenylketonuria, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism causes weight loss and hypothyroidism is responsible for gaining weight. Type-2 diabetes is another common cause of gaining weight among teens.


Metabolism is the most important part of this program. Even it is more important than food or exercise. If you cannot increase your metabolism rate to a certain level, food or exercise will not be sufficient to reach our goal. If you burn 3000 calories a day, you can increase the rate simply just by increasing the metabolism. There are many simple ways to increase metabolism rate. Sometimes we do things which slow down our metabolism rate. Many people skip breakfast. But if you don't eat anything in the morning your body will not start to metabolize. Again if you eat too much sugar, your metabolism will slow down. If you need to lose some fat from your body you have to know how to speed up your metabolism rate.


Speedup your metabolism

In many cases metabolic disorder is not the cause of gaining weight and it’s not easy to speed up or slowdown metabolism. Many people blame metabolism for their weight gaining but there is very little scientific evidence supporting this belief. If you are keen to boost your metabolism, you can do the following:

  • Increase your muscle: Concentrate on replacing body fat with muscle with exercise because muscle burns calories. The more you get muscle the more you burn calories.
  • Drink green tea: Several studies have shown green tea helps to lose weight because of the active ingredient catechin which speeds up metabolism. Drinking five cups of green tea a day will help you to burn 90 extra calories.
  • Drink coffee: Coffee can increase your metabolism for short period and caffeine in coffee may make you more active and you will burn more calories in the process.
  • Avoid crash diet to lose weight: If you go for crash diet you will lose muscle and decrease in muscle mass means lower metabolism rate.
  • Take nutrient rich morning meal: Nutrient rich morning meal kicks off your metabolism and helps you to lose weight. So don’t skip morning meal.
  • Stay hydrated: Metabolism slows down on dehydrated body, so drink enough water and eat natural foods like fruits and vegetable that contain much water.
  • Take small frequent meal: instead of bigger meals take smaller frequent meal, it will keep your metabolism running smoothly.

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