Lower Ab Exercises

Are you having too much big belly and planning to flatten it? But don’t know how to do it. You have to know some specific technique to bring shape of your belly. When you target to lose weight you need to focus on whole body. But if you target particular body parts then you have to perform some particular workout.


For reducing fat from belly it is beneficial to do lower ab exercise. It will reduce fat particularly from abdomen. But it is not as easy as it sounds. It is bit tough to perform lower abs workout. Because most of the fat are stored in abdomen. Here I am describing some lower abs exercise that helps in flattening belly fat. Each exercise needs to be performed for 30 seconds and a 10 second rest between the moves. Each exercise has to be done 3 times.


Bear Crawls


Take a position like push up on your arms and legs. Now lift your knees up and take ahead your left leg and right hand one-step. Then take right leg and left hand one-step ahead and continue walking forward. Now go back and repeat the same process. This exercise will engage your core body but keep your abdomen in.




Lie on floor, take your head, shoulder, legs off the floor. Repose your hands behind your heads like it is pulling your head off the floor. Now take your right leg bending knees towards your abdomen and your shoulder towards your legs. Put your leg and shoulder down and lift your left leg and right shoulder off the floor. Continue this process switching your sides for 20 times.


Dead Bug


Lie on your back, bend your knees to make 90 degree angles with your thighs at the same time ensure that your thighs also makes 90-degree angle to the floor. Raise arms towards ceiling straightly. Now lower the right arm towards floor, simultaneously lower left leg. Repeat this process to your left arm and right leg. Switch the sides and repeat the process.


Modified V-ups


Firstly, sit on the floor. Bend your knees and keep your toes parallel to the floor. Now lean upper body towards your back. Notice whether your and floor makes 45 degree angle. Pull your knees towards your chest and keep your arms and toes parallel to the floor. Now extend your legs near to floor but keep it off the floor and repeat from the starting position.


Heel tap



Lie down on your back. Keep your hands on the floor, bent you knees, keep lifted your feet in table position. Now down your feet towards the ground but don’t touch the ground. You need to squeeze your abdomen so that it can be easy to lift your feet to table position.


Mountain climber



You have to take a form of high plank position keeping your body and hip level straight. Now lift your right leg bring your right knee towards your chest. Then come to the left leg and perform the same technique as did with your right leg. Repeat this process as quick as you can





Lie on you back, place your hand behind your head. Now raise your head and shoulder from the floor. Then raise your leg off the floor and alternate the legs up and down like scissors.


Slider Pike



To perform this exercise you need a device called slider. It helps to slide on the floor. First take high plank position standing on the sliders. Now pull your feet towards your hands and raise your hips towards ceiling and repeat this process.


Straight Leg Raise



Lie down on your back position on the floor. Put your hand under your back. Raise your legs and form 90 shape and lower your legs on the floor. But before performing this workout be sure that you have no pain in your back. Having pain while performing this workout may exacerbate the condition.


Pull up bar variation



If you are comfortable with pull up bar then hold the bar. Now lift the legs off the floor to your hip height. If you are doing it for the first time you can bend your knees. In advane you should try this slowly to take more challenge.


Jack knife



Lie on the floor keep your legs straight and close, arms overhead. Now take breath and when you leave breath squeeze your ab. Now lift your right arm and left leg. Touch your foot inhaling slowly to come back to the starting position. Repeat it few time and change the side.


All the workout described here are simple so that anyone can try to flatten their belly. But you have to check whether there is any chance of being injured otherwise these are safe for everyone.


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