Low Energy Dense Foods

Weight loss requires to be little tricky and strategic to drop some weight and maintain a balanced weight in long term. Low energy dense foods is only a tools to achieve a desired weight. So you have to have a clear idea about low energy density foods. Before proceeding to this article I think you should have an idea about energy density, so you can go through an article energy density foods.

It is not easy to achieve and maintain a balanced weight all time. You have to strive for it. You must balance your calorie consumption and calorie expenditure. It is essential to consume fewer calories than you spend. But it is not possible to keep calorie consumption less than expenditure. If you can ensure that you are having low energy dense foods then it can be easy to lose weight.


What is Low Energy Dense Food?


You may already have known that low energy dense foods refers those foods which contains fewer calories per gram. Some foods are very high in calorie but some foods are very low in calorie. When you choose your foods be aware that you are choosing the right foods for improving your health.


Understanding Food Composition Affecting Energy Density


To choose low denes energy foods it is necessary to understand the food composition. Energy density depends on how a foods is composed if you carefully notice the low dense foods then you can understand that it contains higher portion of water. If the portion of water is higher then the foods contains less energy. On the other side if a food contain fat which mostly energy dense then that particular food will be more energy dense.


Low Dense Energy Food in Weight Management


Low dense energy foods provides little energy with high portion of foods so you eat higher amount but get little energy. It makes you satisfied with small amount of calories. Even it curbs your hunger and you feel less frequent appetite. So you are being benefitted in two ways, firstly you are getting less energy and secondly you can stay full for long time.        


Low Energy Dense Foods: Vegetables and Fruits


Fruits and vegetables contains lots of water naturally and it is high in fiber with less fat. Nonstarchy foods such as carrots, broccoli, spinach and lettuce are less rich energy comparing to starchy foods. If you want to manage your weight with fruits and vegetables then ensure these are fresh but avoid fruit juices or dried fruits. Because these fruits contain preservatives and chemicals which increases energy content.


Whole Grains


Whole grains are rich with plenty of fiber. But it is not good to consume refined grains although both grains are similar in calorie contents but they greatly varies with calories content. As whole grains foods are fiber rich they keep you full for long period so you don’t need to consume foods every now and then.


Mixed Dish Consideration


Any dishes made with water and vegetables lower the energy density. So when you eat various dishes include some fruits and vegetables satisfy your stomach with less amount of energy


You may think that low energy dense foods is safe for health or not. Low energy does not means that it lacks required amount of energy rather you can get all necessary amount of nutrients from these foods but the calories from these foods will be provided less. So there is no chance of being concerned that you are going to lack having low energy dense foods. Not only foods can be low energy dense but some strategic action in having foods can be helpful to make your diet low energy dense. So be strategic and eat wisely to manage your weight.


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