Losing Weight



Losing weight has become common health issue for everyone these days. The fast moving lifestyle make us oblivious regarding what and how much we should eat. Apparently, it leads to overweight or obesity. Moreover, we become more concern when we realize that it is the time we should pay attention to our weight. But most of the people cannot the way out of this problem. As they become more adaptive to the previous whimsical lifestyle although they want a quick result. But weight loss requires patience and time.


Moreover, most of the people don’t want to spend time and concede any sort of change to their lifestyle. So losing weight becomes a nightmare for them. First of all you have to decide whether you want a long lasting result or not. Because there are many ways of losing weight quickly. Even you can lose weight quickly but within a few days, you will start gaining weight again.


Weight Loss Formula

The simple Principle of losing weight is spending more calorie than you consume. Everyone has his own calorie requirement, at the same time he has a common tendency of physical activity. These two side always make an equation that determines whether you will gain or lose weight. For example, you need 2000 calorie per day but you consume 1800 calorie and burn 500 calorie so you remain in calorie deficit. This condition will automatically trigger weight loss. On the other side if you need 2200 calorie and you consume 2300 calorie but don’t have any physical activity then it is obvious you will start gaining weight.


Myths about Weight Loss

People often think that if you reduce salt and starch consumption, it will lose weight. Yes, it will lose weight but you may not know the mechanism of losing weight. When you eat less salt and starchy foods, your body loses water retention ability. So you lose weight by reducing water and fluid from your body. But the main reason of gaining weight: fat remain same. It does not help to lose weight by reducing fat from body.


Weight Loss Diet Guideline

You will get lots of idea to weight loss in next articles, here I want to present weight loss guideline in general point of view. To hold a balanced weight, you need to follow some general steps regularly. Keep plenty of vegetables in your meal every day. It will keep your bowel movement regular so there is less chance to gain weight.


Along with, you need to stay dehydrated whole day. When you drink plenty of water, you actually resist yourself from eating too frequently. If you are fond of some junk foods then intentionally keep it away from you.


When you remain free, don’t take eating as your favorite way to spend time. You can keep busy yourself playing various sports or visit your friends but don’t eat idly when you have nothing to do. You can keep a diary to keep track on what, how much and how frequent you eat your foods.  Workout program with food habit is a complement to your weight loss program. Cardio exercise effective for burning weight but strength training is also ancillary for weight loss program.  


Apart from all these common issues, you have to cautious about various crazy diet and workout plan. You may be great fan of a film star and crazy to follow his or her diet. But remember you are a different individual so your requirement is totally different. So do what is right for you. 



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