Losing Weight Fast


Those of us, who are working on weight loss, like to lose weight fast. Losing few pounds a day, is not bad idea, But is that possible ? Not really, not for at least most of us.But losing a few pounds a month is very much possible. If you can lose 6 pounds a month, you can lose 24 pounds in 4 months. 72 pounds a year. I don't think you need losing weight any faster than that.


Mechanism Behind Losing Weight Fast

You have to burn extra 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. Extra means, if you eat 2000 calories in a day, and burn 2700 calories on that day, you are burning 700 calories extra on that day. Now if you burn at that rate for 5 days, then you are burning 5 day x 700 extra calories a day, meaning extra 3500 calories on that 5 days. So you are losing one pound of fat during those 5 days. So in month you will lose (30/5 =) 6 pounds. Don't be too much optimistic now. I will explain why, in next lines.


Eating less and Burning more

Depending on your weight, age and physical activities, each of us require a certain amount of calories each days. For person X, age- 35, weight- 200 pounds, work -desk job (lightly active), height- 70 inch, this amount is around 2700 calories, for the same person, now aged 45 years, same weight, height and job, this amount is around 2610 calories. If this person X , at age 45, weight is reduced to 180, then his caloriy requirement would be 2440 instead of 2610. So you know that, Calorie requirement


  • Increse with more activities
  • Decrese with age
  • Increase with weight
  • More for male than female
  • More for height

Now please check your calories requirement, from the calculator below.


Suppose your calorie requirement is 2700 calories. Now if you want to reduce your weight at the rate of 6 pounds a month, then you have restrict your food intake to 2000 calories a day. Which is certainly not very easy. Since you are ready this page, I may assume you are rather eating more than 2700 calories each day, may be 3000 calories a day ? If that is the case, now you have to eat only two third of what you were eating each day. It is difficult to continue, but possible, if you are really motivated.


Shredding four pounds of fat a month

If you can take off 4 pounds a month, in six months you would weigh 176 pounds from 200 pounds. Which is not a bad idea. How you can do that ! So 4 pounds a month means, one pound each week. So each day you have to burn 500 extra calories, meaning if you require 2700 calories, you would eat only 2200 calories. If you may continue this way for whole month, you will lose 4 pounds of fat, at the end of that month.


Pace is at your hand

Now you know the mechanism behind the "Losing Fat Fast". If you can work more and eat less and create a gap of 500 calories a day, you will lose 24 pounds in 6 months. If you can work even more and eat even less and make a gap of 1200 calories a day, you would lose one pound of fat in each 3 days, that means you will lose 30 pounds in 3 months. Now you will decide your path.



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