Importance of Sleeping


If you want to live a healthy and fresh life, it is obvious to have a quality sleep. Sound sleep is must to be well performer in daytime. So your day time depends on your night. When your sleep is interrupted, it affects your activity throughout the day. Proper sleep keep your body function in discipline. It also keep your mental health favorable for your physical health. Lack of sleep causes malfunction of brain and internal body system. Continuous sleep deficiency causes chronic health problems. It affects your mental stability, thinking capacity, memory power.


How Sleeping Influence Your Life


When you sleep, your brain take preparation for next day. It stores information what you learned on that particular day. A good sleep helps to improve your learning ability and problem solving skills. It keeps you focused, facilitate decision-making and help to innovate new things continuously. But when you are sleep deficient then all activity of your brain becomes mess. It is difficult to remind and remember any information or incident.


This is all about influence of sleep on your mental health. But impact of sleep on physical health yet be discussed. Sleep widely influence your heart health. During sleep, your heart starts to heal and repair blood vessels. But during sleep deficiency heart remains at a risk of being affected with various serious problems. Who has less sleep tend to have overweight and obesity problem. Lack of sleep causes weak metabolic system, which is related with obesity. Insulin level is controlled by sleep. When body has less sleep than normal then blood sugar level goes up and triggers chance of diabetes. Lack of sleep also responsible for hormonal imbalance. There are some hormone called ghrelin, which feels you hungry, and leptin feels you full. When the production of these hormones fluctuates, it sometimes leads to overeating. So you may feel appetite even you are full. A good sleep supports releasing good hormones at teenage responsible for growth. These hormones develops muscle mass. In young girls, good sleep is precondition for safe puberty and menopause.


Even you immune system is regulated by a good or bad sleep. When your sleep is not as expected your body becomes weak and have more chance to be infected.   


Your Night Affects Your Day


What happen in daytime when you do not have enough sleep at night? Your work performance depends on whether your sleep was enough or not. When your body gets proper rest at nighttime it influence you daytime performance. When you have less sleep at night, your performance may be poor in workstation. People having less sleep take more time to complete job. They make more mistakes in performing a particular job. Continuous sleep deficiency causes you feel drowsy and micro sleep. Micro sleep is kind of sleep which occurs when you are awaken.


Impact on Life Expectancy


According to study it is proved that too much too less sleep is related with premature death. Most of the people who sleep shortly are actually going for shorter life. Sometimes people even don’t feel that they are having less sleep. So deterioration happens without their awareness.


So these are some fact that affect your health if not sleep well. But what impact will it create if you have enough of sleep? There are many benefits of having proper sleep. It brings mental stability, boost up memory, help you think creatively, keep perfect weight, keep your stress fee etc. so it cannot be finished telling the benefits or importance sleep. So if you are a sleep depriver then have enough of it, enjoy life and live longer.


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