How to Lose Stomach Fat

You have been busy throughout the whole week that you couldn’t go to gym and attended a weeding at the weekend. Suddenly you have noticed that your stomach is bulging out, as your normal dresses are getting tight to put on. It makes you worry about how you can lose fat from stomach area.


Actually fat at your stomach area is harmful visceral fat, which increases risk of many diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even if you have a thin body with fatty stomach you are not out of risk.  So even you don’t care about how you look, you can’t ignore stomach fat issue because of health concern. Here I am, with some solutions that can help you losing your fat stomach and get a flat stomach.




You need to burn around 500 to 600 calories per workout if you want to lose your stomach fat quickly. In addition, for this, you must indulge your body in full body exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. These exercises should be repeated not less than 10 times.



Crunches and Leg Raising are very useful for the abdominal muscles workout. These types of exercises help you getting a flat stomach within a few weeks. Don’t forget to repeat until you get tired. Here I would like to remind you one thing that getting flat stomach within few weeks isn’t an easy task. It depends. If you have too much fat in stomach area then it may take months and even more to get a flat stomach. But I can assure you that there will be significant change within few weeks which will inspire you to go on. Remember quick solution isn’t a good idea.



Choose your foods wisely

For bringing any change to your stomach you need to be choosy for selecting foods. Natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads where pastas, chicken, beef, fish and low fat dairy should replace the processed foods those you eat daily. Avoid those foods and drinks that create gas and make your stomach fat. Remember one important thing, dieting is not staying in empty stomach, rather dieting is selecting the right foods for getting a flat stomach. So, choose your foods wisely!


Salt intake

Sodium has the ability to retain water in your body. Salt we use for cooking is actually sodium chloride so consuming excessive salt may result retention of water and as a result your stomach may look puffy. So, check whether you are consuming excessive salt and don’t add extra salt on your plate.  It will help you to get flat stomach within two weeks. For your information I want to mention another thing that, water retention in your stomach area may hamper digestion process.



There is another point to note, reducing the amount of water you drink everyday will not work. You have to drink adequate water along with some healthy drinks like green tea. Liquid helps the digestion process and flush away toxic elements of other foods.



Reduce alcohol consumption

If you want to get a flat stomach and lose your stomach fat, the first thing you need to do is to say good bye to your ‘favorite’ hard drinks.  Research suggests excessive alcohol consumption is linked will belly fat. Moreover consuming excessive alcohol at a time is more harmful. So when you are drinking keep it within limit. With a view to being fit and healthy, you should avoid alcohol. And for getting a flat stomach, you forget what alcohol is for at least one week or at least keep consumption at minimum level.


Adequate sleep

As I mentioned above fighting against stomach fat means you are actually fighting against harmful visceral fat in stomach area which is culprit for many serious health issues. There are several studies in recent years, all of which showed sleeping less than 5 hours increases possibility of gaining visceral fat. All the studies concluded adequate sleep is good for maintaining flat stomach. So sleep well and if you have any sleep disorder, consult with your doctor.



Avoid stress

Have you ever heard the name of “Cortisol”? It’s a hormone produced in adrenal glands, which encourages weight gain in the stomach area by increasing appetite. Do you know how does this hormone get produced? Excessive stresses and anxieties trigger production of this hormone. This is why Cortisol is also known as ‘stress hormone’. You are cordially requested not to get tensed or overexcited. Better, you should not get involved in any situation where there will be a risk of losing temper. Stay cool and lose your stomach fat and keep yourself busy in activities you like. Many studies proved, besides spending time with friends and family, exercise also helps to relieve stress.


These are the ways that you can easily say ta-ta to your fat stomach and get a flat one. Just stay focused and be positive.


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