Losing fat


Losing fat is not easy. If it were easy, nobody would have fat, since nobody likes to have it. Body stores fat for a specific reason. In prehistoric time human could not get food easily. They had to prey like tiger or lion do nowadays. So it was natural those days, human body gets food at a good interval of time. So body mechanism is prepared to store some food for the uncertainty. Body is still functioning that way though we now can get food easily. So whenever body finds you are consuming too much food, it stores. It will burn those fats only when you will start to starving for days. But usually that does not happen, so we store fat always, but never lose it through our regular body mechanism.

So you have to do something extra to lose fat. You have to eat something which will produce less fat; you will work more so that your body can not have extra fat to store.

Burning just one pound of fat:
To burn fat we do lot of crazy things: we run for an hour each day, we eat nothing except salad, we walk, we jog, we fast, but at the end of the day nothing works. Why we are always a failure!
One of the prime reason is we need to burn lot of calorie just to remove one pound of fat from our body. Let's get some idea on this. Suppose you are spending 2200 calories a day. Since you want to lose fat and get a flat stomach, you are trying to limit your food. Suppose you are consuming only 2000 calorie a day. So you are spending 200 (2200-2000=200) extra calorie a day. To burn a pound of fat on an average you need to burn extra 3500 calories. So you need almost 18 days (200x18=3600) to lose one pound of fat. Now you know why it is difficult to lose even one pound. But it is very much possible. If you try to keep yourself a little more active and keep your food consumption more selected and limited, then you can lose one pound of fat within a week. So 4 pounds of fat a month, and in next year you will be 50 pounds slimmer!


Some points to remember:

  • Don’t reduce calorie intake dramatically: Reducing calorie intake abruptly will slow down your metabolism and eventually your body’s fat burning process will be disrupted. So do it slowly.
  • Eat fat to burn fat: Healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat will help you to build muscle and burn fat. You will get those is food items like fish, nuts and olive oil. But fat is fat, don’t forget about your total calorie consumption in a day.
  • Drinking cold water myth: It’s true that drinking plenty of water will help you to lose weight but drinking cold water will not work better. Your body will burn some calories for increasing water temperature but the effect is very negligible. So no need to drink cold water if you don’t like; normal water will do.
  • Negative calorie food myth: There is no negative calorie food that will burn more calories than your intake.
  • Eat less & Work more: Yes, eating less and spending more is the only solution to overweight problem.
  • Spot toning is not possible: If you are trying to work on belly only and expecting you will have a flatten stomach, I will advise you to read more on spot toning, because unless you will reduce fats all around your belly, you can never have a flat stomach.



As you are looking for ways to lose fat and losing fat is related to burning calories, you can use calorie calculators of the site:


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