How to lose bally fat


Belly is middle part of our body, which is very crucial for the looks due to its position in the body. It creates embarrassing situation for many people if it loses its shape. As it affects the looks and appearance of the body, many people suffer from inferiority complex. So it is very important for holding confidence level and normal life.


Inside our belly, what fat is found is mostly visceral fat that is harmful for the overall health. Person with unwanted fat in his belly potentially conveys various health risk. Although losing weight from this part is little difficult but some effective actions can bring fruitful result.


Consume Soluble Fiber


Soluble fiber is a special type of fiber, which absorbs water and take gel like shape. This feature helps to pass foods slowly through intestine. So you feel less hungry and stay full for long period. On the other side, this fiber helps to absorb more nutrients from foods. According to a study 10 consumption of fiber rich foods reduces belly fat by 3.7% over a period of five years/.


Avoid Foods Rich with Trans-fat


Trans-fat is saturated fat which is created pumping hydrogen. It is used in processed foods. Tans-fat is associated with heart diseases, inflammation, insulin resistance etc. so to keep your belly in shape avoid consuming tans-fat. See the food level carefully to be safe from this fat.


Reduce Alcohol Drink


Are you alcoholic? Then forget to lose belly fat as it is directly related in increasing belly fat. Too much of alcohol creates health hazards for obese people. It increases chances of obesity particularly in waistline. Cut your alcohol consumption and cut your belly fat portion. It is mostly up to you.


Consume High Protein Diet


High protein diet is multi beneficial for reducing belly fat. It increases secretion of hormone that is responsible for fullness. So you feel less hungry within a very short period. On the other side, it takes too much time to digest so you stay full. A study shows that people who eat protein rich foods have lower abdominal fat than those who eat less protein rich foods. But ensure that you are having safe source of protein.


Control Stress Level


When you are in stress, there is risk of gaining belly fat in you abdominal area. During stressful situation adrenal glands, produce cortisol a hormone which causes you gain belly fat. When more cortisol is produced then the appetite level is also increased. Thus, it helps to increase fat in the abdomen. To control this hormone, you have to be mental pressure free.


Stay Away from Sugary Foods


Fructose containing sugar is associated with chronic diseases if the consumption of sugar is not controlled. Obesity is directly associated with sugary contents of foods. Not only refined sugar is responsible for but also the good sugar is also responsible for gaining fat.


Reduce Carbohydrate Consumption


Are you consume too much processed carbohydrate rich foods? Then leave this habit if you do not want to have excess fat in your lower abdomen. To avoid this problem you do not need to go far away rather just replace your refined foods with starchy carbohydrate.


Ensure Timely and Sound Sleep


Sleep regulates your fat portion in the body. When you do not sleep properly, the belly fat starts to gain. So make sure that you are having 8 hours sleep per night. If you have any sleeping disorder then ask an expert for potential solution.


Not all these steps are enough all time so you have to do some exercise regularly. Not only that you have to bring a substantial change in your lifestyle. Be moving and do not be sited for long time. Make some change in your eating habit and eat right portion and right sources of foods.



What foods to avoid when you want to Lose Belly Fat


When you want to lose belly fat, you food choices need to be aiding loss of body fat. Foods that do not support loss of belly fat or cause weight gain or belly fat gain, are to be avoided. You should avoid some foods when you want to lose weight.


Unhealthy Fats


Dietary fats are associated with inflammation and contribute to belly fat gain. These fats include saturated fats, trans fat and omega-6 fats. Trans fats are usually found in cake, cookies, pastry, pie, microwaved pop-corn, biscuits, breakfast sandwich, crackers, margarine, doughnuts, cream-filled candy, fried fast food etc. Sources of saturated fats include full-fat dairy, high-fat cuts of meat, some candy and different processed foods. Sources of omega-6 fats include sunflower oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, grape-seed oil, corn oil etc.


Milk and High-Lactose Dairy Products


Dairy food is high in bad fat and carbohydrate content. High-fat milk and high-lactose dairy products such as dairy-based desserts, soft cheeses and non-Greek yogurt may contribute to fat gain. We should avoid these foods to help lose belly fat. 


Excess Fructose


Foods that have high amount of fructose can cause diarrhea, gas and bloating. Sources of excess fructose include peas, asparagus, watermelons, mangoes, apples, honey, high-fructose etc.


Carb-Dense Foods


Carb-dense foods can cause inflammation and change in the balance of our gut flora. Carb-dense foods are the ones that have high ratio of carb in relation to their weight. Potato contains mostly water. The amount of carbohydrate in potato is only 23 % of it. Rice cake however is high-dense food as carbohydrate in it is about 80%. Sources of high-dense food include pretzels, white rice, cereals, pasta, crackers, white bread etc. These foods can spike in blood sugar and rise in insulin hormone level, which can contribute to accumulation of fat. In order to remain belly fat free, it’s useful to consume these food in moderation.


Fast Foods


Fast food is usually too high in calorie. A single fast food can contain more than 2000 calories, which is roughly the same amount as recommended for daily calorie intake. Besides, fast food is low in nutrition and high in bad fats.




Alcohols are high in calorie content and low in nutritional benefit. It slows metabolism. The other problem is that drinking alcohol in some cases get out of control and causes drinking more alcohol. Drinking alcohol for a single night can cause consumption of thousands of calories, which, without drinking, could have been totally avoided.


Fruit Juices


Fruit juices contain important nutrients, but they can also be high in sugar. Over-consumption of fruit juices should be avoided.


Snack Foods


Snack foods such as trail mix, chips and pretzels are low in nutritional value and high in calorie. Consuming them in moderation is ok, but over-consumption is not a good idea. These snack foods can be replaced with a piece of fruit or vegetable stick.


Peanuts and Corns


Not all nuts are fattening. Peanuts are used in fattening hogs. Corns are high in calories, allergens and sugars. It is good to consume them moderately.


Belly fat does not just cause bad shape but also cause different diseases. People are getting increasingly enthusiastic to lose belly fat. Despite enthusiasm, many struggle to lose belly fat. Like exercising and eating right foods, avoiding or limiting consumption of above mentioned food can help lose belly fat.


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