How to Get and Stay Skinny

Staying slim and skinny is a never-ending desire of all woman. Whenever woman meet in a party or family gathering the center of discussion becomes how to stay slim and skinny. Every eye follows the most attractive woman in the party and everyone become curious to know about how she maintains his figure. Even you see internet any TV channel this is one of the most common topic. Health magazines remains full with articles on various diet option and workout program.

I don’t want to advise how to make slim body friendly diet or workout program rather I would discuss some behavioral change that will help you to hold an attractive slim and skinny body.


You Should Know What and How Much You Eat

Most of the woman focus on what they should eat although it is an important fact but it is also needed to consider carefully the amount you should eat. A Woman with attractive body is much conscious about what and how much she is eating.    


Eat What Satisfies You Fast

You have to be clever when you eat. Some foods fills you up quickly so you don’t need to eat enough. Keep very small amount of sugary and fatty foods and large portion of low calorie foods. Don’t run after only those foods that taste good rather consider that can bring healthy change in your shape of your body.


Workout Wisely

At time of workout, think once more about whether this workout is adding any value to your appearance. Remember one thing that you don’t need to spend hours for sweating. Rather focus on the sweat you are dropping is coming from unwanted parts of your body like fat. I mean it is not necessary doing difficult workout but you can try some easy workout that influence your body positively.        


Stay Dehydrate

One of the major secret of being skinny and slim is remaining dehydrated whole day. Water is no calorie drink so when you drink plenty of water you feel full without any food. So your body burn more fat and you can maintain a toned body for long time.  


Choose Occasional Treats Carefully

Yes, it is bit tough to say no to your friends for parties. Every other day you are to attend office events, relatives or friends’ parties. At the same, it is difficult to avoid luscious dishes. So it becomes terrible problem for figure conscious woman. Learn to say “no” to your friend choose treats very carefully.   


Follow Low Sugar or No Sugar Diet

Sugar remains in the body as fat. If you don’t be careful and eat a lot of sugary foods then it will be stored as unwanted calorie. So it will leads to incongruous shape of body and damages the fitness. For this reason, it is necessary to think twice before eating sugary foods. Check out the food values of every processed foods.


All Foods are Essential

A common idea exist among most of the woman some particular foods are favorable for maintaining fir body and some are not. It is a deadly concept that hinders achieving and holding a toned body. You should have a clear idea that if you crave a harmful dish then you should eat in moderate level to avoid over consumption of it.


Your stress level also regulates your looks so along with physical condition take care your mental health. Remain jolly mood and try to stay cheers to hold your slim and skinny body.


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