How Does Fiber Work in The Body?



Perhaps, you may know that fiber is indigestible carbohydrates come from natural plants. Human body has no capacity to digest it. It makes its way through you digestive system assisting your all the internal health go well. It has almost no calorie but very helpful for human body. The amount of fiber varies men to women. For man who is under 50 needs 38 grams of fiber intake daily and in case of woman, it is 25 grams per day. So to have a healthy lifestyle you need an ideal amount of fiber to eat daily.


The Ways Fiber Works in Your Body


In many different ways, fiber works in your body. Depending of its types it has different activities inside your body.

Fiber has two parts of it basically, such as-soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is digestible and insoluble is indigestible. Soluble fiber has the ability to be dissolved in water and insoluble fiber has not have it. Both possess equal importance on your health. Soluble fiber basically found foods like-oats, citrus fruits, beans, apples so on which is very effective in lowering level of the bad cholesterol and that of glucose as well.


On the other hand, insoluble fiber mostly found foods like-nuts, green beans, cauliflower, whole-wheat    flour, potatoes so on which is also effective in promoting digestive system and movements of bowel go accurately.

  1. Being dissolved in water soluble fiber turned into a gelatinous shape that may help in slowing down the digestion system allow your body to absorb the most important nutrients coming from the foods you eat. On the other hand, staying in its fibrous form insoluble fiber creates easy exit of for the foods passage through digestive also effective to add bulk to the stool that helps you to stay okay.
  2. Fiber act as natural laxative by increasing stool bulk so that stool can be passed more easily through the can also aid them having loose has also a vital role to manage irritable bowel system.
  3. Soluble fiber is effective in controlling blood sugar. Slowing down the rates that emptied by foods it controls blood has the ability to delay the rise of blood sugar after meals and to prevent excessive release of has another ability to control your hunger by making stomach empty delayed which is very helpful in losing weight.
  4. Adding bulks to your diets except having any calorie helps in reducing the density of calorie in your diet. This is one of the most strategic weight loss benefits is also generated by eating fiber.
  5. If you have high cholesterol and suffering from diseases like bloodpressure, inflammation than fiber is a good mate that can give reduce the problems somewhat. Fiber from whole grains has the ability to reduce the probability of heart failure.
  6. According to some studies, it was shown that the possibility of early death is lower for those who had a highest fiber intake comparing to those who had low.
  7. According to researchers, every 7 grams increase in daily fiber has the ability to decrease the risk of stroke nearly by 7 it is important to have ideal number of fiber in your daily diet.
  8. With consumption of Psyllium husk fiber you may be able to escape from different types of skin diseases like-acne, rashes so on.
  9. Fiber may also help your body to get rid of the irritation of irritable bowel syndrome in short (IBS).




In essence, it is very clear that fiber is benefiting you various ways inside your body. As a part of our daily foods’ nutrients, fiber deserves special attention from you for its diverse health benefits. Since fiber is considered as to aid in removing the waste in the body’s stool clearing path. So, start eating fiber-enriched foods in moderation to get the goodness of fiber that your body required. Stay safe and keep fiber alive in your diet!


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