How do you maintain a Flat Stomach?


Having and maintaining a flat stomach is long cherished Dream to many of us. But our surrounding does not support all time. Sometimes we cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because our “always running lifestyle” does not help to focus on our health. Therefore, we do not follow a healthy food habit. Most of us rely on fast and junk food, which is the main reason for making oversized stomach.


It becomes difficult to avoid some of your favorite food items. So it is not surprising if you eat some unhealthy foods very often. Even it is also difficult to live a life with proper physical exercise regularly. So a flat stomach is really difficult goal to achieve sometimes. Here I am going to discuss some ways to get flat stomach.


Cut your Calories Consciously


If you want to achieve a flat stomach then you have to curb your calorie consumption. It is recommended to reduce calorie consumption to 1500 calories. But sometimes it is difficult to lower calorie consumption abruptly. So you can reduce calorie consumption gradually instead abruptly. But it is not good to reduce significant amount of calorie. Because it will lead you to crazy about foods which may cause to consume too much of it


Include Fiber in your Foods


Fiber is natural gift to keep your weight in check. If you want to employ a natural guard to check your stomach then fiber will be the first option to choose. Fiber rich foods helps to foods to move through intestine smoothly. At the same time, it helps to prevent fat absorption in body. To gain maximum benefit of fiber, you have to eat flaxseeds, avocados, legumes, oats, sprouts, blackberries etc.


Reduce Carbohydrate Consumption


Some people fond of carb foods such as bread, potato, brown rice, yams etc. because carb foods promotes weight gain particularly in your abdomen. Some people prefer refined carb, which slows metabolism, and expand waistline. So you must avoid processed and refined foods and include whole grain as sources of carbohydrate.


Perform standing workout instead of sitting


Many people prefer to do workout in sitting position instead of standing. Because it helps to feel them comfortable. But it benefits them very little. Because it burns very little calorie. When you perform any exercise standing on your feet then your body needs more effort to keep balance. According to a study it is found that standing workout require 7%-25% more muscle activation. So you have to put more effort and energy for concentrating on your workout.


Walk for Half an Hour


You must incorporate your diet plan and workout program. You can build a program of workout and walkout interchangeably. Even alter the options every other day. Walking for 30-40 minutes, helps to increase you blood circulation and prevents your body from building any fat. It also contributes in developing a good metabolism level. It keeps a balance of whole body exercise so there is chance to have whole body benefits.


Drink Plenty of Water


It is said drinking plenty of water magically works in weight loss and to maintain a flat stomach, it improves metabolic rate. It contains no calorie but causes you feel full. On the other hand, if you drink water before eating then it prevent you from over eating. It also helps to get rid of toxic elements from your body. All these properties are very well connected with flatten stomach program.


Maintaining a flat stomach is associated with your lifestyle. So if you do no bring any change to whole lifestyle then it will be difficult to hold flat stomach for long time. It is involved with all round performance of your life.


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