How do You Lower Your Cortisol Levels?


Our body produces various hormones, which plays many roles. Hormones roles remain favorable if these are produced at optimal level. When production of these hormones goes beyond this level, it creates negative impact in the body. Although no one is conscious to maintain hormonal balance. So it is difficult to keep track on it all time.


Cortisol is such a hormone that is released when you are in stress. Adrenal gland, which produce this hormone. It is produced to control stressed situation. But when it is too high then it causes problem for your health. when you are having too much of this hormone then you will have high blood pressure, disrupt sleep, low level of energy, depression etc. too much cortisol production is related with weigh gain and obesity.


Knowing Your Cortisol Level


Before you try to low cortisol level it is necessary to be sure whether you are having too much of it.   


Feeling Tired


If you feel too much tired even having proper sleep, then it is might be caused too much production of cortisol. Sometime high level of cortisol causes lack of sleep so remain tired in the day and at night also. If you fell like this then it is probably stress caused by cortisol.


Gaining Weight


You eat balanced diet and perform exercise regularly but still do not get result. If it is so then it might be cortisol that causes ta amass fat in your abdomen. Sometimes workout and eating habit is well enough to curb weight gain process.


Attacked by Infections Frequently


Cortisol makes your body immune system weak. Immune system protects our body from various infections. But cortisol makes immune system deactivated. So body loses natural repairing system. Frequent infection might be caused by too much cortisol.


Backache and Headache


When cortisol level is high, adrenal glands increases prolactin level and increases body pain. So it causes to feel backache and headache. Therefore, if you are having too pain in your head and back then be sure it might be caused by cortisol.


Here is some tips that can help you to lower your cortisol level. I personally done some of these. Believe me these work pretty amazing. Hope you will be benefited from these tips.


Having Proper Diet


To reduce cortisol level your first attempt should be your diet. You eating habit regulates many problems in your body. So if you eat particular foods that are good in maintaining cortisol level then it will create less negative effects in your body. Salmon, berries, dark chocolate, olive oil, garlic, green tea, turmeric etc.


Have Sleep


Lack of Sleep causes high level of cortisol. So to have proper sleep you need to exercise regularly, avoid caffeine before sleeping, avoid light exposure etc. when you ensure a sound sleep your body lower cortisol level.


Have Fun


It is not easy to stay in light mood. So you have to plan your program so that you remain in funny mood. Take a break from job and spend happy moment with your colleagues. Talk with your family and friends and spend some happy time. Play games or go for a walk to distant place.  


Eat Natural Supplements


Some supplements works very good to keep cortisol level balanced. Fish oil, ashwagandha, is very effective to maintain cortisol in optimum level. You can also ask your doctor about other supplements that suits your body.




After completing your day, take an hour for medication. You can follow some instructor in this regard. If you want there is online service who helps to do proper methods of medication.


Exercise, build healthy relationship with nearest people, breathing deeply, also works very good in maintaining cortisol level in optimum level. 


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