Housework to Lose Weight


“Housework to lose weight” the headline sounds good, isn’t it? Yes, it sounds exciting as we all do some chores in our daily life. If these normal activities help to stay fit, then it would be a bonus for every health conscious people. We often forget how much these household works burn calories. A recent study concluded that, 11.5 hours of household work per week burns almost 2345 calories. That means with activities like gardening, mopping, vacuuming, mowing, tiding, washing the dishes, doing laundry etc. you can burn calories and lose weight significantly.  


You will be astonished knowing that a minute of household work requires 72 steps and if you do your work for 30 minutes then you will take almost 2000 steps. It is much easier to spend some time with your family helping your spouse or parents rather going to gym. Try doing some chores described below to stay fit and lose weight.




It’s been many days you have cleaned your home. Start an hour of cleaning to give a new look to your home. Extend your hands to your ceiling fan, reach out to cabinets, and relocate your furniture to bring a new appearance. An hour of cleaning activity will burn almost 230 calories.




Gardening is not only housework rather you can refresh yourself with touch of nature. Watering the plants, weeding, mowing, seeding, cutting dead stalk are various range of activities which are beneficial for keeping abs in shape. You can burn almost 306 calories per hour.




Do you want to improve your arms and legs muscles? Try doing mopping your floor. It is an easy task without any heavy equipment except a mop. You need to take some steps, at the same time you need to move your hands, so your upper and lower body remains engaged and you burn 238 calories per hour.




Your living room is covered with dust? You are allergic to dust? If answers are yes, then why are you seating idle on couch instead of vacuuming? Vacuuming requires bending your hips and leaning your shoulder. At the same time, you need to push your arms to provide force to the floor. With vacuuming, you can burn around 238 calories per hour.


Washing Dishes


Dish washing doesn’t burn enough calories but still it can have significant contribution in your weight loss process. You have invited some of friends and after a heavy dinner, there are many dishes to clean. Then start it quickly yourself or you can do it with your other half. You can burn near about 85 calories through this.


You can mow your lawn, which will make walking easier. If you have newborn baby then spend some time with it leaving your baby sitter. Child rearing also requires many efforts. Besides these you can do a strenuous works like laundry or painting your room. So whatever activities you like do it because every household works count and all these physical movements will supplement your weight loss program.  


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