Holiday Weight Gain and Avoiding This


Holiday is basically known for having good food. Although good food means here food that satisfies your palates. You cannot resist yourself to have these foods, as you are a human being. So this season becomes very challenging for many. In one side they cannot avoid the request of their dear one on the other side it leads them to gain some extra pounds.

When you are in a holiday that means you are in a festive mood, you are with your family members or close relatives. Social gathering without food entertainment is unimaginable. So it is not unexpected to gain some weight in this season. Here we will try to find solution of weight gain during holiday.


Move Your Body in the Beginning of the Day


On holiday start your day with some exercises. When you start a day with a healthy activity, the rest of the day also you remain health conscious and this is proved by a journal called medicine and science in sports and exercise. Researchers also found that when you workouts in the morning you become more active and response less towards tempting foods.


Be Fussy in Choosing Your Foods


If you are planning to go to a buffet, read the menu to have idea about what are going to offered. Because it is not a healthy practice to load your stomach with foods that are not favorite to you. At the same time, you need to consider the portion of foods you are having. Keep your portion size in moderation level.


Gather Some Will Power


Whatever a task is and however difficult it is, will power will make it very easy to achieve. If you are steadfast to protect yourself from eating too much on holidays then you can do some favor to your health. To strong your will power divert your attention to other activity such as enjoy company of friends or dance with your partner or can chat online with friends. 


Eat Water-Filled Fruits and Vegetables


It is said to drink at least 8 glass of water but most of the time it is not possible for busy life. So you it is better to keep plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meal. It will fill your deficiency of water at the same time you will get proper nutrition. On the other hand, when you stay hydrated your foods go faster through your intestine.


Be Carefull with Alcohol and Sweets


When you drink alcohol, you get huge calorie on the other side you lose your sense so you eat too much. If you are crazy for drink, you can have soda. Be choosy when you are having desert and sweets. A small portion of sweets contain a lot of calorie which equivalent to your one-day lunch or dinner.    


Accompany Your Own Meal


It may sound weird but it is more practical and fruitful for your weight-maintaining program. Some of your friends or relatives may mind but you have to handle them as it is related with your health. I think they will understand your point of view. They should welcome the idea and support you.


Be Positive


Some people make a diet plan where they avoid all their favorite dishes and this approach goes to level of punishment. They become crueler to themselves and feel proud. But I think you can take your favorite dishes in moderate level and should be proud thinking that you can control yourself from overeating.      


Go for Long Walk


Sometimes it becomes more enjoyable when you go for walk with family members and friends. Walking a long distance will help you to go along with your goal. So make your holiday memorable and healthy as well walking a long distance.


Whatever ideas are described here are depending on you. You are the change maker so you have to take initiative for bringing positive difference in your health. So be responsive and proactive for keeping your weight balanced.


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