Fruits for Flat Stomach


Flat stomach is a dream for every obese or over weight person. Who wants to carry a big tummy? A slim fit body is desired for easy moving and active lifestyle. Many dieters suggest many food plan for keeping belly fit. Most of them show some result in short term but in long term, these methods are not efficient for maintaining flat belly.


Moreover, if you go with natural ways, it is easier to hold an attractive belly. In this purpose, some fruits can serve a lot to build a shaped belly and maintain it for long time. These fruits prevents building fat in the belly. Here we will discuss some fruits and try to know how they help to protect belly.


Red Grapefruit


According to journal named “metabolism” when someone take grapefruit before having meal, he has less chance of developing visceral fat at the same time he has lower cholesterol level. The journal authority operated a study on few participants who had grapefruits for six weeks. After this study, most of the participants claimed to have shrink waistline.


Tart Cherries


We all know cherries, as a snack but tart cherries is a super fruit that is only found in Michigan. From a study, it has been known that few weeks of tart cherry consumption reduce belly fat over 9 percent.


Berries (Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries)


Berries are rich with polyphenols, which hinders fat forming in stomach. In a study conducted in Texas woman university found consumption of berries reduces fat formation almost 73 percent. Another study shows that blueberry powder mixed meals reduce abdominal fat within 3 months. 




Apple is a great source of fiber, which develops a natural resistant for fat content in the stomach. When you increase 10 grams soluble fiber in your meal every day, it reduces fat by 3.7 percent.




Watermelon is a most low calorie fruits as it contains mostly water with some important nutrients essential for health. According to research in Kentucky University, it is known that it improves lipid profiles and prevents fat accumulation. Another study shows that it helps to heal muscle soreness.




If you fond of sugary drinks, soda or alcohol then leave this habit and be habituate in a simple lemon drink. It refreshing and loaded with vitamin c. At the same time, it is a fat burner that helps to lower fat portion of your body.




It is rich with plenty of fiber; you all know that fiber is magical elements for keeping continuous fat burning in the body. Medium size of pears can provide enough of daily requirement of fiber. The pectin, which is hugely found in pears, reduces bad cholesterol. So indirectly, it helps to build flat stomach.




Some snack crazy people are out there who always keep grabbing unhealthy foods such as junk foods, snack, and sugary drinks. If they can develop to a healthy snacking habit, it will easily achieve an attractive stomach. Banana can be the best snacks for holding crazy appetite. It is rich with resistant starch, which takes too much time digest. It prevents water retention so there is low chance increase watery weight.




This tropical fruit is rich with vitamin A, C, E. It is also filled with enzyme called papain which prevents inflammation and belly bloat. This fruit can be consumed with various dishes.


Avocado also a fruit that is works to keep your belly fat lower so you can have a toned stomach. Although it is rich with fat but it is good fat. Most of the fruits is low calorie so you can consume it to have flat stomach unless it is rich with too much sugar.


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