Foods to Avoid for Flat Stomach


Often dieticians say, “Eat this and that to maintain a flat stomach or tummy. However, eating some particular food are not well enough to maintain a fit belly. Therefore, there are some restriction on having some food categories. Some foods are so influencing that even you cannot achieve your desired shape of stomach if not taken carefully. Many people alleges that I am doing very hard workout every day but to get a right shape of body. That’s why it is essential to have a right combination food.


There will be very few people who do not like eating. It is an essential part of our life and no one can avoid this habit if he or she want to lead a healthy and happy life. But this eating habit become sometimes very problematic. Many of us do not eat considering the limit that we should maintain. But it is difficult for many people to curb their palate. So they dive into Food Sea and causes more harm than benefits. Unscrupulous eating habit leads to amass fay in the body.


Not all foods are equally responsible for developing fat. The way we make our food also causes to develop fat. There is some foods that causes high level of fat but at the same time, there are some foods that naturally burns fat. Here I am discussing some of these foods that should be avoided to lose belly fat.


It is also need to consider that there is no food that is responsible for adding fat only to stomach. Some foods that contain carbohydrate are difficult to keep distance from it so it becomes very difficult to hold a flatten tummy.


Carbohydrate Containing Foods


Carbohydrate rich foods regulates your look and appearance. As it is a one of major agent of amassing fat. You need to avoid carb contained food particularly high carb foods. A food is rendered high carb if it contains more carb comparing to its weight. Pain rice is one of the most high carb foods. White rice contains 80% carbohydrate. Besides crackers, bagels, pasta, bread, cereal, pretzels etc. are high carb foods.


Harmful Fat


All fat are not harmful so it is necessary to have some fat rich foods except trans-fat, omega-6 fats and saturate fat. Besides, you have to remain away from processed fat, full fat dairy, corn oil, grape seed oil, soybean oil etc.


Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil


Some type of oil provides fat that is much more threatening for health. Most of the hydrogenated vegetable oil contains trans-fat. This type of oil contains no nutritional benefits. These oils are loaded with such calories that stomach cannot burn them off. Rather they raise high cholesterol level.


Fried Foods


Any fried food you consume, it falls you in risk of having some amount of fat. Fried foods offer you most taste but it also brings some health risk along with its taste. It increases amount of fat, chances of obesity, stroke and cancer.


Pastries or Cake


On any occasion, having cake or pastry has become a trend this days. Even some people eat pastries or cake without any occasion. So there is a high chance of eating sugar loaded cake or pastries too often. It contain too much of fat.


Sodium Containing Food


Sodium rich foods or salt containing food makes foods tasty that is why most of the processed foods come with sodium. But many people are not aware with harmful effect of it. Sodium hold water in our body so stomach become bloated. If you eat too much of it then it will cause high blood pressure.




Soda is nothing but some calorie. It contains high sugar and some additives. This sugar is filled with high fructose. Fructose is responsible for building fat in the abdomen. This fat is concretely noticed in lower abdomen. Some people prefer diet soda but this diet soda contains excessive sweeteners.


Sweets and Soda


There is no one who does not like candy or chocolates. Many of us do not consider that it contains no nutrients but loaded with plenty of calories. Chocolate or candy is a low value food but contains high calorie. At the same time some people have a common habit to drink soda after having meal. This another wrong thing that most of us do. Drinking water instead of soda can help you to avoid consumption of extra calorie.


Junk Food or Fast Food


Junk or fast foods refers those that is made through a quick process. This kind of foods offer plenty of calories. You can consume almost 2000 calories from medium size of burger or pizza, which is equal to all day requirement calorie.




Alcohol is not only risky for your heart but also for your overall health. It has almost no nutrients but plenty of calories. Another disadvantage of is if any one becomes addicts to alcohol then he cannot leave it easily.


Dairy Foods


Of course, it is nutritionally rich foods but don’t forget it is rich with fats. Dairy foods are rich with calcium but it comes along with some fats so it is difficult to avoid dairy foods. But you can collect your calcium intake from leafy green vegetables.


Refined Grains


Processed or refined grains are similar to sugar or carbohydrates. The calories from it are very bad for your stomach as it triggers further appetite so you become hungrier after consumption of it.


Fruits Juice


No doubt, that it contains many nutrients but don’t forget it is filled with many sugary elements. Many people often focus on the nutrients but ignores the effect of it liquid intake.


Snake Foods


It is mainly taken for handling little appetite but sometimes this little appetite is satisfied with huge calorie snacks. As snacks, we normally eat sweets, chips, pretzels but don’t eat in moderate level. Some people eat these snacks abundantly so with small amount of snacks they consume many calories. It is recommended to have vegetable stick and fruits as snack to avoid consuming too much of calories.




Having desert is very common after meal. Even some people think they have not eaten anything if desert is not taken. But desert is nothing but excess calorie containing sugar and sweeteners. So have healthy fruits after dinner to avoid too much calorie in your meal.


These are not all you have to avoid you should be careful in consumption of potatoes, high fructose corn syrup, lentils, wheat, salt, onions, fizzy drinks etc. but remember it is not advised to omit all these foods from your meal rather you should consume them in moderate level. Moreover, you avoid some quick made food that contains excess calories. Any type of fast food should be consumed in moderate level. Otherwise, it will grow unwanted fat in the body.


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