Food Label

Buying readymade foods has been popular recently. People eat processed foods due to quick lifestyle. They like to go with foods that can be prepared within a short period of time. Most of the household avoid cooked foods as it takes more time. They just go to a super store and pick a brand of particular food even they don’t notice the various food value written on the packet. As a result they are afflicted with various health problem.


So it is necessary to read food label so that you can be conscious about what you are exactly eating. It helps you to count every calorie you consume. Food label mostly contain information regarding number of energy, nutrient elements, benefits and potential effects etc. most of the time amount of energy is measured in terms of calories. Many companies also focus on amount of fat, sugar, salt etc.      


Nutrition label on the packet

On back or side of the packet you will find a list of nutrient elements and the amount of calorie from every elements. Sometimes this information are given on the basis of 100 grams or size of portion. You may also find some extra information about some critical elements like fiber, sugar, fat, minerals and vitamins.


Nutrition labels on the front side

Some food products also display labels on the front of packets. To show various information like calorie per serving. In packets you also find information regarding reference intakes. Reference intakes state that how a food can benefits you and who can be appropriate consumer of it. It provides information about how much amount of energy and nutrients are needed for sound health.


Using various color code

Some product label contains various color code red, amber, and green. These color code signifies different intensity level of various nutrients. Red symbolizes high. Amber medium and green low intensity level. If any label is covered with green color then it implies that it is mostly beneficial for health. Amber symbolizes medium level of intensity so you will get neither low nor high reaction. If the level is red colored then it implies the food contains high level of fat, sugar and salt. So you should avoid or take less frequently these type of foods.


Tips for buying foods

Ingredient list different color code helps to compare among many food products. But all the foods that are red colored not necessarily will bad for health some fat added that are high in amount may be good for health. So you have to be little analytical to find the right foods for you. When you possess a good knowledge about these food labels you can reduce your cost and get best foods required for your health. Some code may be difficult for general people to understand. Then you can seek help from the seller. Another option is searching on internet or websites of that particular company.


Moreover label is not only a mean of advertisement but also it is a source of information of healthy food. You can come to know about the right amount and way of having this particular foods. so it helps to maximize the benefits avoiding the side effects of that food.


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