Food Habit


Food habit is very important for having a slim body. If you like fat containing foods then certainly you will grow fat in your body. Some people like sweet, while some other like hot foods, some like spicy ones. Your likings matter most here. Some people like cheese and butter, so they may easily turn to a fatty person.

Now what sort of food you should eat. There are so many types! Carbohydrate or protein, Fruit or bread, Mcdonalds or Subway - what should be your goal.


Change your Food habit

If you have grown some fat in your stomach and other parts of your body, it is not difficult to guess you need to change your food habit. Since everyones food habit is different, you have to identify which specific habit is hurting you. Let's discuss some good and bad habits!


Habits you should not follow!

If you like cheese, butter and sweet stuffs, now is the time you have to reconsider this items in your food list. Cheese, I know yummy, but actually they are yummy for having a fat body, not for flat stomach. They are also not good for heath. They will help to store fats and cholesterol in blood vessel and sll sort of heart failure and blocking will occur for them. Same is truth for butter. I am not saying you will never eat them again, rather eat them occasionally, not regularly.

Now let's talk about the sweet stuffs. Excess sugar is always bad for health, though not as bad as butter and cheese. But sweet foods contain sugar and increase amount of calorie. So eating more sweet stuffs will destroy the calorie balance and gaining weight will never stop. Foods containing much sugar means they are fast carbohydrate, and it will tend to decrease your metabolism rate. You will certainly eat sweet food, but sometimes you can't decide which food to go for, in those cases from now on try to grab the less sweet stuffs.


Shifting from one item to another in fast food shop

If you are going to McDonalds each day, you can still go there, just try to avoid taking french fry each day and switch to diet drinks. Also it will be great to avoid double cheese, if possible go for fish burger. Once you know which food is bad for you, try to avoid taking that food whenever you can. I hope you know why McDonalds or other fast food shops are not good for a healthy living.


Those fast food shops offer some healthy choices, but we usually don't eat them. If you can avoid french fry, cheese, mayonnaise and large drink then you are ok there. Take a burger of your choice ( chicken or fish is better) without cheese and mayonnaise. It would be around 400/500 calories, so it is ok. If you can add water wth your burger, then you can go to there each day causing no harm to your health. If you have to drink must, take a diet drink. One last thing if you have a habit of taking food fast, try to slow down. Fast food offers lots of fast carbohydrate, and if you eat them too quickly it will increase blood sugar level and decrease your metabolism. So final word is change your food habit and check your temptation for large drink and cheese stuffs.


At home!

Suppose in the morning you always take bread, butter, cheese and coffee. See whether you can switch to Jam and Jelly instead of butter and cheese. Or find out the fruit you like most. Don't forget to put that fruit in your trolley while you are shopping for the week. Fruit never have fat and they are always good for health too.

For dinner if you are preparing food, try to avoid food that may contain too much calories. Don't make too many items, variety will lead you to overeating.

Foods containing fiber is good for losing fat, since they tend to remain for longer time in stomach, and you will not feel hungry for a long time. So try to add food that contain fiber in your grocery list.


Don't shift too much

My advice is don't try to change everything, and start eating those you don;t like at all. Because then you can not stick to it for long time. If you change your food habit completely, then very soon you will be tried of eating what you don't like and switch back to your original one. But if you want to remain slim for years then you have to follow a good course for years, till you remain alive!

So try to bring changes slowly. Suppose you are going to stop eating cheese stuff form this week. From next week you will start to eat jam, jelly instead of butter. May be after two weeks you will start to eat fiber containing foods. Go this way, step by step. If you think you will change everything from toady, and become slim next month, I am sorry to say, it will not work for most of you.



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