Flat Abs Exercise

Flat Abs Exercise


We all desire to get flat abs. Flat abs is an emblem of admiration. It is the sign that shows us you are fit and you eat wisely. Flat abs also makes you stronger and keeps your body away from injury. Along with eating properly, you need to do some exercises to get flat abs. There are many muscles between your shoulders and hips. Start the following ten exercises to hammer those muscles and get flat abs:




Burpee is an exercise that covers the full body exercise used in strength training and as a form of aerobic exercise. If you want to get a flat stomach, you need to work as many muscles as possible. Them burpee just do that. It hits every muscle from head to toe. It also helps reviving metabolism, which supports you to get flat abs. Stand with your feet shoulder and lower your body till your palms rest on the floor about shoulder; you need to kick your legs backward from a pushup position. In addition, repeat the act as long as you can.



Mountain Climber:


This is an aerobic exercise just like the climbing mountains. You need to do a mini climbing act. Though it is a hard exercise to do, it helps a lot to keep your body stable and reward you a perfect flat stomach. The repetition of this exercise serves the purpose quickly. Use your hands for the pushup position below your shoulders and your body develops a straight line from your head to your toes. Then, lift your right foot driving the right knee towards the chest. Use the other leg at the time of repetition.




Archer Row:


Archer Row is that kind of exercise that can fix your stomach gradually into a flat one and strengthen the whole body within a week. Instead of archer, you need a dumbbell for this exercise. Holding a dumbbell, you need to get into a push up position; in this position, your backside muscles must be involved. It is something similar to the mountain climber exercise. Keep distance between the legs. Placing your right hand on the floor, grab the dumbbell by your left hand and perform a row.



Half-Turkish Getup:


This exercise works on everything; shoulder, hips, back, arms, core and on other muscles as well. For this reason, it is called a complete, full-body exercise. It’s a complete muscle builder exercise and by exercising this half Turkish getup, you will get a flat stomach soon. First, you need to lie facing up with your right leg and keep your left leg flat on the floor. Now, grab a dumbbell and lift your right arm straight to the front. Try rolling on your left side of the body and propping yourself up onto your hand and keeping your right arm overhead. After that, you need to stop for some time and reverse the movement. If you continue doing this exercise for more than three weeks, no one will be able to stop you from becoming a person with lucrative flat abs. 



To get a flat stomach, you need to hit your core from every angle with these four types of fast and effective exercises for at least four weeks. At the end of each week, you will find the progresses.



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