Flat Abs Diet


Let me share an important issue with you. Universally, people are keen to get flat abs for being liked by others or to be fit. But a Canadian study shows that, weakest abdominal muscles have a death rate more than twice as high as those with the strongest abdominal muscles (Abs). This result defends the notion that flat abs is bad for general health. Therefore, not just because of looking attractive, you should thirst for flat abs for a long healthy life. 


Along with systematic exercise, you should be strategic to choose the right diet plan to get a flat stomach. The most waist- shaping foods include antioxidants, fiber and protein. Here are some examples:




These yummy nuts have both fiber and protein, and also Vitamin E which is a great source of antioxidants. You can also find magnesium in almonds, which provides minerals to your body. Minerals build and maintain muscle tissues and produce energy. The most overwhelming fact of these nuts is almonds perfectly block calories. Eat an ounce of almonds a day and see the results. You will get flat abs if you don’t stop eating almonds.








 All of us have heard the great saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctors away.” If you are overweight the saying for you should be, “Three apples a day keep the fat away.” Yes, a study tells us that if you consume three apples a day and continue this for three months you would loss more weight than eating any other fruits. So, start eating apples from today to get a flat stomach.








Most of the berries are rich with fiber. Fiber is considered as one of the greatest friends who wish to get flat abs. Berries are also a great resource of antioxidants. Along with making your tummy flat, berries also protect you from chronic diseases like cancer and help to get better result from workouts. Consume at least half a cup of berries daily. Whether it is blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, it doesn’t matter. Just eat.








Very few foods are as like as eggs in the sense of protein. From building muscle fibers to brain chemicals, amino acids are very essentials. Eggs are full of amino acids. Most of the dieticians recommend eggs for getting flat stomach. One important fact I would like to share with you; the person, who eats an egg in the breakfast, feels less hungry till lunch. If you have blood cholesterol, you must consult to a physician. You should eat an egg a day if you are free from cholesterol.








Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that help keeping your digestion process okay. In this way, your stomach becomes free from gas, bloating and constipation. These three types of physical discomfort issues render your stomach being flat. Consume one to three cups of fat-free yogurt in a day.






Vegetable Soups


Consuming vegetables soup is more influential to turn your stomach into a flat one than any other drinks. Many researches prove that. It’s a fruitful weight loss technique for those who are busy most of the time. If you start consuming veggie soup from today, without doing any extra exercise, you will notice the changes of your stomach. After few months, nothing will stop you from getting flat abs. Eat a cup of low-calorie and low-sodium vegetable soup every day.







You need not to hit the gym, eat like a goat or drink like a scrooge. You just need to eat properly; maintain a systematic dieting. Thus, you will be a proud member of flat abs family.




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