Fatty Foods to Avoid


An interesting thing related with foods and health is foods that taste good are more harmful for our health. However, foods that taste not very delicious are very beneficial for our health. It is the root cause that most of the people are making mistakes in choosing right foods for their health. They very often choose delicious one over the healthy food. Therefore, it becomes really a problem to choose right food for health. You must avoid some fatty foods for healthy lifestyle.


Sugary Drinks


What drink we consume these days is mostly sugar added. When we drink sugar-contained substance, our brain do not consider this as food. Therefore, we tend to eat more and even do not think to reduce other foods from our meals. Sugary drinks is responsible for many serious diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes. It is also a root cause fat gain and obesity.




If you name a food item that is widely popular across the globe, then undoubtedly it will be pizza. There is no second thought on taste of pizza. As it is made commercially, so it is made with unhealthy elements. The wheat, which is used, is refined and meat is also processed. So all these thing make it very high calorie and deficient of nutrients.


Fruit Juices


People often make mistakes that fruit juice is very healthy but they don’t consider the source. If it is made at home and not added with sugar then it is good. But most of the time people drink packed juice which is basically not fruit juice rather these drinks are made with fruit flavor. Juice contains vitamin C and many anti-oxidants but its sugar content causes skin problem.


Refined Vegetable Oil


Refined oils such as soya bean, corn and canola oil are rich with omega-6 fatty acids that is threatening for health. These refined oils creates oxidative stress in the body. It is associated with risk of cancer.


French Fries


Potato is good sources of carbohydrate but it is not good when you consume potato as French fries or potato chips. These foods are very tasty and can be consumed as much as you want. That is why it is not problematic to consume more calorie. So people who eat these light but high in calorie foods are in risk of developing obesity and heart diseases.




Candy are very delicious but at the same time high in calorie. These are made with refined wheat, oil, sugar and various fat etc. Notice the elements all are unhealthy and harmful. So when you are eating candy bar, do not be oblivious in its taste. Enjoy candy bar but do not over eat.


Processed Meat


Meat is already very high in nutrition, fat and calorie but processed meat lacks the nutrition and rich with fat and preservative. Processed meats creates colon cancer, heart disease, heart disease etc.


High Calorie Coffee


Although, coffee is a very healthy drink and prevents diseases like diabetes and Parkinson. However, it is seen that something is being added to coffee, which is not healthy at all for health. Cream and sugar of various taste and flavor are being added which make it high in calorie.


Along all these foods, include all processed, refined and high sugar content foods. Fast foods containing fat particularly trans-fat should be avoided strictly. Because these foods contains almost no nutrients but exaggerate calories. Most importantly do not include alcohol in your meal because it just an addition of unwanted calories. Instead, you can drink natural fruit juice.     


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