Losing Fat fast - True ?


Fat !! Whumm, you don't like fat to grow on your body. But you do like the foods which contain fats, like cheese, butter, salad dressing… am I right ? Foods containing fats are the last thing you need to eat, if you want to lose fat from your body.


There are different kinds of fats. Some fats are even good for your body ! So you need to know about different type of fats. I hope you have already heard there are saturated fat, nonsaturated fat, trans fat, polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. Different fats have different effects on body. People will say that don't worry about fat from fish, because it is good for body. And you have probably seen many advertise of omega3 fat, demanding it is good for health.


So which fat is good for health ?

Do you want to hear the truth? I know you do. No fat is good for health. Some fats are less harmful, some fats are more harmful. But if you are looking for losing fat then no fat is good for you. Fat is fat, whether it is omega3 or saturated fat, consuming more fat means gaining more weight! But then why we are always told fish fats are good, or why omega3 fat is so much desirable! There are reasons behind that. Fats are stored in artery and cause blocks, increase the risk of heart attacks. Now fats from fish are never stored in artery, so fish fats are not the cause of heart attack, or heart related problems. Now you know why fish fats are Good Fat (!). But if you take them in large amount, you will still look bulky !


Losing fat , FAST!

Most of the adult people burn 2200-2500 calorie (actually Kilo Calorie, but in all nutrition facts it is always mentioned as calorie, so we will use the same terminology here) each day. The amount certainly varies person to person. If you do more physical activity you may burn 2800 cal, or if your metabolism is fast, you may burn more. Most of the people fall between 2000 and 3000 calorie.
Now on a day if you eat food that has more calorie than what you burn on that day, they extra calorie will be stored as fat, If you eat less then body will burn some fat from your stored fat (which is what we are looking for).

Now the question is, is there any relation of calorie and fat lose?
Yes, there is. To burn one pound of fat from your body, you need to burn 3500 calorie. So if you take 2500 calorie food on a day, and burn 3000 (2500 + 500) calorie that day, then you will lose 1/7 th pound of fat from your body on that day. If you want to continue to lose that way for one week, then finally you will lose one pound of fat in that week. So to lose 10 pounds a week, you have to burn 7500 (2500+ 10X500) calorie a day, which is highly improbable. To burn that many calorie you have to go through a complete fasting, and running 20 mile a day throughout that week, Improbable, if not impossible.

So we see losing 10 pounds of fat in a week, is not possible. But lot of procedures says it will help you to lose 5 pounds a week or 10 pounds a month. In most cases if you follow their course you will be happy to find you are really losing considerable amount of weight in first one or two weeks. But they are mainly due to water loss of the body, not fat loss. If you take less carbohydrate then you will lose lot of water from body initially. But this loss can come back very fast once you stop following the procedure. But if you can continue with some procedure for longer period it should work in most cases.



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