Fat Burning Foods


There are foods that are good for weight loss. These foods can directly or indirectly cause reduction in body fat. It is highly useful to incorporate the fat-burning foods into diet. Following are some of the foods that are considered fat-burning foods.


Apple-Cider Vinegar


Apple-cider vinegar can help lose weight by reducing sugar cravings. Consuming the vinegar before a meal can get us feeling of fullness with lesser amount of food. Besides, it helps detox body naturally and balance stomach’s pH. As the vinegar is highly acidic, it is good to drink one or two tablespoon of the vinegar mixed in a glass of water.


Bone Broth 


Bone broth is considered a healing well. It has great potential to impact health positively. It can help burn fat. It is rich in amino acids, which can block muscle breakdown and enhance metabolism. It can also help detoxify body. Our ancestor consumed bone broth regularly, which we can bring back into practice.


Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper is not just good for heat in food. It can boosts body’s ability to burn fat for energy. It can enhance body’s metabolism, facilitating faster and easier fat loss. Sprinkling it on foods is a good way to consume it.


Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are Mexican food. They are fat-burning foods and nutritional powerhouses. These seeds can enhance energy and endurance power. They help slowly down body’s digestion and reduce hunger as well as sugar cravings. It is a good idea to include these seeds into diet.




Chicken is a fat-burning food. Just three ounces of chicken meat can supply about thirty-seven percent of protein that a person needs on a day. Nutrients in chicken meat help keep body energized. It is a good idea to opt for organic or locally grown chicken.


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is a source of healthy and natural fat. It helps decrease body fat and body weight. It keeps thyroid running smoothly. Using coconut oil in cooking is a good way to add this fat-burning food to diet.


Cruciferous Vegetables


Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale etc. are fat-burning foods. They are nutritionally dense foods and rich in vitamins.




Ghee is a kind of butter, popular in India. Surprisingly, it is a fat burning food. Casein and lactose-sensitive people can also consume ghee.      




Grapefruit is another citrus fruits. It is a fat-burning food. It has enzymes that can help body break down sugar. It enhances metabolism and helps lose weight.        


Grass-Fed Beef


There is a misconception that red meat is unhealthy. Quality beef or grass-fed beef is a great source of protein, which facilitates weight loss. Grass-fed beef provides antioxidants, vitamins and good fats.


Green leafy vegetables


Green leafy veggies such as spinach, swish chard, collard greens and kale are rich in nutrients and iron. These are fat-burning foods that are good for functioning of muscle. These foods can help keep burning calories long after a workout. They are also packed with vitamin K, which is good for bone health. These leafy vegetables can prevent osteoporosis.


Matcha Green Tea


Drinking matcha green tea has soothing effects. But more importantly, it can help lower cholesterol levels and reduce body weight. After high-intensity workouts, it helps body repair quickly.




Kefir is loaded with probiotics. Probiotics are linked with weight loss. 


Rooibos Tea


Rooibos tea is herbal drink, which is getting increasingly popular in the weight loss community. It contains phytochemicals and flavonoids that can enhance metabolism and help lose weight. It is a good fat-burning food.


Whey Protein


Whey protein can help reduce body fat and enhance muscle tone. It boosts energy level and stabilizes blood sugar.




Tamarind is used in Indian dishes. It is a fruit. It is linked with weight loss. According to studies, it can curb appetite and body fat by regulating serotonin levels. Serotonin levels are associated with enhanced fat burning, satiety and body’s ability to create new fat cells.




Turmeric is useful in reducing chronic inflammation in the body. It can also reduce inflammation in fat cells. Studies point out that turmeric is linked with weight loss.


Tomato Juice


Tomato juice can help reduce inflammation that results in fat cells shrinking. The juice is linked with increase in adiponectin which is protein and helpful in breaking down body fat.




Regular consumption of salmon can help shed abdominal fat. The omega-3s in wild salmon can help enhance insulin sensitivity, which helps reduce waistline. Wild salmon can also stimulate thyroid hormone and enhance metabolism.




Avocado has fat that is a triple-fat burner. It turns off fat storage hormones of the body. It can also enhance metabolism.  


Brazil nuts


Brazil nuts are fat burners. They can enhance metabolism by stimulating thyroid hormone.  




Oysters are low in calorie. They are richest source of zinc, which can help curb appetite and PMS-induced cravings.




Cinnamon is a spice and fat-burning food. Consumption of at least a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon can help benefit from cinnamon’s fat burning feature.




Coffee stimulates adrenaline and is linked with burning fat. Drinking more than a cup of coffee regularly can influence body’s ability to control insulin and fat storage.


These fat-burning foods can also help lose belly fat. These foods are especially useful for those who want to lose weight but cannot manage to have enough time to exercise. Consumption of these foods in consultation of a dietitian may be a better idea.


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